Small Paws® Rescue: Online Adoption Application

March 9, 2001

This is what Cody's foster mom, Jane, says about him.

Cody is an adorable, sweet and cuddly 4 year old Bichon mix, and is being fostered in Northern California. He weighs 19 pounds but he looks bigger cuz he has BIG hair and he is tall. My vet thinks there might be some standard poodle in there because of Cody's beautiful Apricot coloring and LONG legs. Cody has bad back knees but he is doing fine on medication from the vet. Two months worth of Arthri-New Chew tabs cost only $25 at our vet. Using them, Cody doesn't seem to really be in pain and gets around and even blitzes quite well. We have got an estimate from my vet for the surgery of $485 complete with all the pre-op blood work, medications, two nights hospitalization and post op pain control meds and of course the dreaded buster collar, but I am inclined to think he can do without it. I am thinking perhaps there are some special parents out there for Cody who would be willing to adopt him as is, as a special needs dog. I think he is highly adoptable because he is so cute and so good. Cody settled into the routine of the house just fine and is lining up with my dogs for his treat first thing every morning after his potty run. Anyone adopting Cody will get a huge wire crate with him to reinforce his crate training. He will make someone a wonderful pet. If the adoptive parents are local they also get vacation pet sitting with us as part of the deal!

Jane Greaney Cody's foster Mom