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March 11, 2001
12 Year Old Adderly Comes Home to Small Paws®

We flew Adderly from Virginia, to his new permanent foster mom, Karen Franklin, yesterday.

Adderly wanted to drive home from the airport...:)

We had gotten word of a 12 year old Bichon in Virginia, who has Cushing's disease. It is being managed very well with meds. He just needed a place to be...with someone who knew what they were doing with the Cushing's disease.
This was definetly a group effort! Karen, one of our volunteers, AND also a vet Tech, volunteered to foster him, while another one of our supporters paid for his airfare. Still others are going sponsor Adderly, for as long as he has left, and with this much love..he may just outlive us all!:). We love you Adderly..we love you JUST the way you are!:))

We have a sad update to our story. Adderly succumbed to Cushing's disease on May 19, 2001.