March 16, 2001
This is not a story about a Bichon up for adoption, but rather about one who has a very loving home already. Sadly, he also has cancer. His name is Champer. We are all joining together in prayer for this precious boy, Champer.

POST SCRIPT: July 13, 2001

Champer passed from this life on July 13, 2001
Subj: Champer has crossed the Bridge
Date: 7/13/2001 11:39:29 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Remaxcyndi
To: Pup3

About an hour ago I held Champer as Dr. Steve helped him across the Bridge. He went so very peacefully as I whispered in his ear. He had begun to be quite uncomfortable and the largest lesion began to ooze a little this morning.
I have absolutely no regrets about even the tiniest thing that has occured since March 8 when we learned of his diagnosis.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support.



Champer Age 8 1/2
(His front paw is shaved...because he had his first chemo treatment yesterday.)

Because of this web page, Robin's Canine Cancer Files
I received this letter from Champer's Mama, Cyndi.

Subj: Hemangiosarcoma
Date: 3/13/2001 5:35:54 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3


I've recieved your email address (had already found your web page) and am (of course) desperate for info.

I have 2 Bichons (littermates...we call them brother & sister) 8 1/2 yrs. Male had lump on shoulder...did exploratory and biopsy of spot on skin about 3" from swelling, blood work, too. Biopsy on muscle and spot showed hemangiosarcoma. Can't beleive it...he seems to feel fine. Tires a little easy but other than that....he's fine.

Having xrays tomorrow AM to see if spots on lungs. If no spots...will try oral chemo per oncologist suggestion from University of GA. family is devastated!!!! If you have any info....I would SO appreciate it!!

Cyndi Harrell
Subj: Re: Hemangiosarcoma
Date: 3/13/2001 9:12:32 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3

Yes yes yes!!! Prayers are wonderful. Oncologist has been consulted.....we have left nothing unturned. Pray for us on the chest xrays tomorrow. Oncologist and vet say under the circumstances (he feels great just tires very easily) that we should try the oral chemo if no additional tumors show up on the xrays.

We are so so so so devastated. He is our babe....his sister (littermate) she will not know what to do without him . They sleep side by side (sideways in our bed) every night and are totally inseperable. Our hearts break for her, too.

Our two groomers have not stopped crying since we learned this dreaded diagnosis. (last Thursday but it seems like years). Champer (our sick babe) and Brandy (you guessed it...the sis) go to the groomers every other week. Our four adult children have cried almost non-stop, too.

Oh hurts so bad. Noone can give us any encouraging words. We are all trying to function...but it's so frickin' hard.


Subj: Champer
Date: 3/14/2001 8:55:49 AM Central Standard Time
From: Remaxcyndi
To: Pup3


I just wanted to say a special THANKS to you. You can't imagine (oh God, yes you can you've been here) how much of a comfort it is to know others care.

I had already found every web reference you sent. Three of us have spent hours on the net looking for hope. We have a growing notebook of info.

As you know hemangiosarcoma grows in the blood vessels. As it has been explained to me...Champer 's has not obviously attacked any internal organs but rather has formed as 2 small skin lesions and the large attack on the left shoulder muscle. It started when the groomer noticed a knot on his shoulder....about the size of a small egg. Very hard to detect unless he was wet. (Thank God he gets groomed every other week) Since he is bathed so often we know the growth had been there no more than 10 days.

The groomer immediately called me and within 30 mins. he was at local vet office. He thought it was a possible hematoma. Tried needle aspiration and got back fresh blood. Did complete blood work-up, cbc w/diff, clotting tests. All tests okay....platlet and firbrogin a little off. Did exploratory 4 days later on shoulder. When he was shaved a small spot (size of a dime or even smaller) about 3" behind "lump". When vet opened....muscle oozing tumor, no reason just full of blood. When he pressed muscle...more blood. Did 2 incisions looking for clues. Totally removed spot and area around it. Did 3 on spot, on behind muscle, one of muscle. Inserted 2 drains.

Immediately lump began to form again. First night after surgery was husband slept on floor with him. Pain meds did not completely stop pain but vet was afraid to give a lot of meds for fear of clotting problems once he saw the internal bleeding at the muscle.

(Husband took off work 2 days to sit with guys).

Any way.....week later biopsy results came back with hemangiosarcoma that was last Thursday. Other than the lump (now size of kiwi) if you did not see the shaved would NEVER know anything was wrong with him. Plays hard, eats well...just tires easily. If I didn't know I would merely say "Boy, he's starting to show his age. I know how he feels.".

So there you have the whole story. Felt like by knowing you might could help another. Thank you again. I will keep you posted.

Cyndi Harrell
PS 2nd small lesion now on inner knee. About size of 1/2 dime.

Many of you have reached out to Cyndi, in her time of need. Cyndi now feels as if she has a support group, who understands what she is going through. She sends out daily updates on Champers progress while he fights the cancer. This is the kind of cancer that Champer has.


Champer's cancer is inoperable, but the chemotherapy, which will not make him sick, will give him more precious time.

Champer (Behind) and Nurse Brandy, his sister.
If you would like to join the list of people who are praying for Champer, and to receive updates on hs condition, please write to his mom, Cyndi at