March 21, 2001

ADOPTED!!! (J.J. Is Movin' on up!)
JJ was turned into a shelter. He's a terrific little guy. A little on the tall side (13" at shoulder) and thin (12 pounds). JJ is housebroken, knows his name and is learning the "sit" command. He is extremely smart. He absolutely loves to run....JJ would rather run then walk. He will need a fenced yard so he can run to his little heart's content when he's outside. He's spunky and playful and loves everybody. He plays a little rough and we are working on the "easy" command. He might play a little to rough for children under 10. JJ also loves other dogs. He will need a stay at home mom or another dog to keep him company, he doesn't like to be left alone. Both would be preferable.