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April 1, 2001
"Martin" goes home with his new foster Mom and Dad! Martin was a puppy mill rescues.
Small Paws® Rescue: The "Frazier" Auction Rescues

Cathy from Dallas, and her husband, drove to Tulsa to come get this baby for foster.

I think he really likes his new Mama.....

Martin on the left, and Cathy's Lhasa "Loppy" is on the right.

Cathy hold's Lhasa baby "Samantha", first known as "Marissa"
Small Paws® Rescue: Marissa, Beaten at 8 Weeks old.

Martin, now being called "Petey" goes Bye bye with his new Mama and Daddy..OOPS..almost forgot..ahem..I mean FOSTER Mama and Daddy.:)))