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April 4, 2001

Jake and Prancer, The Maltese Orphans

This is Jake

This is Prancer

We got word of these beautiful boys, after their Mom had been killed in a car accident. They need to be placed together, and the local Maltese rescue people, wouldn't take them because they aren't pure breeds.:( They are in the Bay area of Northern California.
This is what their Mom's daughter, says about these two..

"Maltese/Shitzu mix. A good combination. Two neutered brothers that are 9 years of age. Healthy, loving, devoted, playful and smart. On the top is Prancer and his bro Jake is below. Walking and car rides are to die for unless there's a good soft lap available. Doggie cookies are reward enough for going outside to potty. Happiness is sleeping on the bed with you. Jake is the boss and keeps his brother in line. Their mistress, an older woman who loved them dearly just passed away, and they're very lonesome."

We need an adult home for these boys.