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April 9, 2001
2 Year Old "Fritz"

Fritz was an owner turn in, from a family who was never home. He is two years old. Now, the wierd thing about him is this. When we picked him up, last Saturday evening, he was absolutely HYPER as can be..Pant pant pant..he would not rest. We tried benadryl..Nothing would work. for two days he was a hyper little energizer bunny, who snapped at my Bichons. I was worried about finding a home for him..then, on Monday, something happened... he calmed down, and started playing with our dogs!

Fritz is playing with Mozart, my schnauzer. Fritz is neutered and weighs about 18 pounds, and must have an adult home. The owners did tell me he is afraid of small children. Now, here is the other thing. I believe he has some seperation anxiety. He has latched onto Dale like there is no tomorrow. Dale says that if someone wants a velcro Bichon..this is it.:) He has golden eyes, that are really quite striking. (Fritz...not Dale..Dale's eyes are blue:)
UPDATE 4/11/01

My husband Dale, has a way with these little guys...

Fritz after grooming. He goes to his forever home tomorrow.