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April 9, 2001

Lyrics:"Old Dogs and Children, and Watermelon Wine"

13 Year old "Peter" needs another foster home. The Bichon in his present foster home, is not doing well with another dog there..can you help?At first the vet estimated his age at 16, but after care, and diet changes, he now thinks he is more like 13.

This is what his foster mom says about Peter..

Peter loves to be outdoors. He is happiest when trotting at the end of his leash, sniffing the air and wagging his tail. He has walked a mile at a time with no trouble, and he enjoys shorter walks, too. Peter loves to sleep on soft things -- a pillow is his favorite spot -- and he is happy to snuggle up to his foster mom's back at night. He is affectionate, and can be perfectly content on a lap, being stroked, during TV or quiet time. His coat has grown in nicely, and he looks rather like a little woolly lamb.

Peter will visit an ophthamologist on May 7th, to see whether or not his sight can be restored. He has cataracts, and if his retinas are viable, the cataracts can be removed. He came through dental surgery three weeks ago with flying colors, and is in good health and spirits. Although he doesn't hear well, Peter is beginning to respond to his name. Peter will probably need to wear a cummerbund indoors, as he has a tendency to mark, but he doesn't mark in all surroundings. If he were an "only dog," the urge might diminish.

Peter will flourish with someone who really wants to do the things he likes to do. He likes lots of walks, he likes to sleep on the bed, and he likes to be stroked for hours on end. I would imagine that there is someone out there who really needs Peter. At this point, I think that person could be an elderly lady or gentleman who has just lost a dog he or she had loved for years, and who was used to the routine and simply wanted to take it up again and be loved.

Nicknames: "Sweet Pepper;" "Sweetie Petey;" and "Petrov" (this mostly when caught marking) :)

Peter was left alone to die, in a shelter, after all, no rescue groups would take a 16 year old dog, with a tumor on his shoulder, and periodontol disease...which needed surgery.....or would they????:)

Peter sleeps peacefully, in his foster mom's home. here is what she says about him...

Dear Robin,

Peter continues to feel better! He wags his tail frequently, is interested in food (both in mine and in Daisy's kibble), and drinks well. He's a sweet little lap dog -- whenever I sit down, he's there putting his head on my leg, and settling next to me. He doesn't enjoy taking his dropper of medicine, but he doesn't give me trouble, either. Never a nip, or the shadow of one!

Daisy wants very badly for him to play, but he isn't really play-minded. I think that he's a little too rickety for running. He moves well, but slowly. He might benefit from glucosamine/chondroitin, which helps to restore cartilage. I thought I'd ask Dr. Clarke when we see her next.

Peter will pee and poo outdoors, but will also go indoors if his urgency and little, throaty signal aren't understood. The first couple of times I got him outside in time, but as Daisy is trained to use puppy pads, we don't have a regular schedule. I've been using Nature's Miracle (which I buy by the gallon :) :) ), and since I don't have carpet it isn't a problem.

I think Peter would do well with an individual or a couple without a young and active dog or children in the home. He needs someone who really wants the affection he offers (as I do!). Daisy annoys Peter with her constant desire to play, and she is becoming unhappy with the rejections she receives from him. Peter sleeps a lot, and has no trouble being crated when I am away. He is a dear, angelic little man, and I love to have him there to stroke (Daisy isn't a lap dog in the same sense), but my little girl is unhappy.

Peter will visit Dr. Clarke again on the 14th, and should be done with his antibiotic regimen then. We'll go from there, in terms of knowing how well the opening into his nasal cavity has sealed, and how his neck is doing. I have enclosed 4 photos of Peter for you. :)


Erin >>
Date: 4/5/2001 6:42:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: Harpsi4d
BCC: Pup3

Dear Miss Winfrey,

Thank you for the many ways in which you contribute to a livelier and more positive spirit among us all, and especially among women. :)

I am a member of Small Paws® Rescue -- I've been "on board" for about a month, and am just learning how we work. On Tuesday I picked up my first rescue pup, a 16-year-old Bichon mix with cataracts and severe periodontal disease. He had been housed in a "kill" shelter, and was due to be euthanized. He is a very dear little soul, with a quiet manner which belies the extreme pain his mouth causes him. Because Small Paws® is dedicated to the health and happiness of every Bichon and Bichon mix, Peter has benefited from oral surgery, as well as from the removal of a cyst on his neck. He has been bathed, groomed, and had his cripplingly long toenails clipped. He is receiving oral antibiotics, and will have a full range of vaccinations when he has recovered from surgery. All of this -- $300.00 in cost -- was personally authorized by Robin Presnall.

I've had the privilege of caring for Peter in my home, and his presence here has enriched my life. Very few organizations would provide complete care for a 16-year-old stray, but through the Small Paws® organization, his life has been preserved, and his health improved. This morning, Peter wagged his tail, and this afternoon he happily tucked into a meal of chicken broth and Science Diet. He will be here to hear the birds, sniff the spring flowers, and walk with me in the park -- and his sweet energy will be communicated to those who see us.

Please consider Robin Presnall for your "Use Your Life" Award. Not only is she using her life to the advantage of rescues, she is facilitating the creation of small, joyous moments across the nation -- and everyone benefits when those happen.

Respectfully Yours,

Erin Peffley >>