April 14, 2001
Grief turns to joy..."Mason."

I received the following letter , from a broken hearted lady..

Subj: rescue Bichons
Date: 4/3/2001 9:28:30 PM Central Daylight Time
From: twohams@ghgcorp.com (Steve & Sandra)
To: pup3@aol.com


I just filled out your application form and submitted. My husband Steve and I just lost our beloved Beaux, a beautiful rescue Bichon, just 11 years old. We had hoped to have him much longer. He had cancer, but did not suffer, and was really only sick for a few days. He lost all his central nervous system functions. It absolutely broke our hearts to lose him. We are very lonely and the house is so quiet, we want to rescue another bichon if possible. I've never filled out an on-line form and was a little nervous about it. I emailed one of your volunteers who lives here in Pasadena, Rhonda Flowers. We spoke for probably over an hour and I told her our story of Beaux and she told us about Sparky and Pearl, and we hope to meet eventually and visit.
The Houston Bichon Club at the present time has no rescues. This is where we got Beaux. We have been to every shelter in town. I've called Vet's offices about their bulletin boards and I have emailed lots of shelters all over south texas. One of those shelters gave me your webpage. I really hope that we can find a wonderful bichon and perhaps you will be able to help us find that special one!
Thank-you for your time and consideration,
Sandra M. Gottlieb

Well, you guys know how we feel about broken hearts...so as soon as we received a 10 month old Owner-turn-in Bichon pup, named Mason, we thought of Sandra and Steve.:)

These are the pictures of the "baby shower", given to Sandra, by her co-workers.:) Enjoy!

He seems pretty happy..doncha think?:)

Poor dog. Never gets any attention.

Mason gets party treats too!

I think she sort of likes him.:)

Mom takes the picture, while a friend walks Mason.

Mason sleeps in the middle of the bed, while Sandra and Steve sort of cling to the edges, just like all good Bichon parents.:)

Hi Lynda,

Sorry I haven't got you those pics yet.....oh man, what a day!
I took Mason to Janet's and she just loves him too! She said he is a very nice doggie and he was so good for her. She gave him ANOTHER bath!! I picked him up around 11:30am and tried to sneak him into school. The first person I saw was our SECURITY GUARD! I said, "don't tell, please, my boss told me I could bring him!" He didn't look happy about it, but he must not have said anything because we stayed all afternoon.
I got him into the Media Center and closed all the doors so he could run free. Everybody oohheed and aahhhed over him. So many of them had never seen a Bichon before. Of course they thought he was the most beautiful dog they had ever seen!
Then, guess what? They gave me a doggie shower! We have pics I am sending!!! He got lots and lots of new toys and dog biscuits (I only let him have one) And guess what? He pooped and peed on the leash outside with Terri. Terri fell in love with him and I thought she was not going to let me have him to go home!! I told her there were plenty more that need to be rescued. He was so nice and on his best behavior. He didn't jump at all or bark, he just walked up to people and let them pet him. The kids LOVED him! We played and played and played and everybody decided that he just needs to come up to work with Mommy at least once a week from here on out!
Steve and I can never thank you, Lynda; and Robyn. You have made our fondest dreams come true. You have given us a little bundle of love and we are going to take very, very good care of little Mason. He is our little boy and we love him with all our hearts.
I wish I could think of a better word than "Thank-you". It does not say what I feel in my heart.
Daddy is outside with Mason right now and I want to go out and play, so I will write more later!



P.S. Beaux, was Sandra's first Bichon, who had cancer. His beautiful picture is on the Small Paws® Rescue: Memorials page.