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April 18, 2001
The April 14 Wheaton Mo. Auction
"To the world you are a rescue person....
to the rescued dog, you are the World "

ADOPTED!! 10 month old "Q-Tip"

It was all I could do to leave him at the vet's office, for vetting.
I believe that 10 month old "Q-Tip"(not his real name, YOU can name him!) was someone's pet, who decided to sell him at the puppy mill auction.:(( (Yes, that happens...we have intercepted pets before) How do we know this, you ask? Several reasons. Number one, he came with a vet record. Rabies shots, and a tag with a name and address. (The same name as the seller). Also, his fur is not shaved. He has never had a haircut. He may have been an inside pet of a miller, maybe?? Either way, I am so glad that your donations kept him from a life of slavery. He was born 6/22/00 and weighs 12.2 pounds.

2 year old "Koolwhip" is in bad shape.

Born 5/10/98, she has a grade 4 Heart murmur and is Heartworm Positive. Because of her multiple heart problems, Small Paws is paying her airfare, and are sending her to live with our emergency care specialist, Karen Franklin, (who is also a vet tech and has, with her vet, succesfully treated HW Pos babies with heart murmurs.) Karen also has this Small Paws® baby.

6 year old "Cottonelle" was born on 3/12/95, and weighs 19.5 pounds. She is very sweet and does wag her tail.:) She must have another dog in residence and an adult home.

Charmin (As in "Don't squeeze the") is 6 years old.

Charmin is shaved buck nekid, but his fur will grow out. The good news is that he wags his tail if you talk to him.:)
He was born 3/12/95, and weighs 14.4 pounds. He is shy and scared, but does not try to snap or bite. He must have another dog in residence, and an adult home.