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April 23, 2001
Pearl's Heart
We have an urgent situation. One of our puppy mill rescues, is very ill with a heart problem. She will be three years old next month.

Little Pearl and Karen, her new permanent foster mom.

Pearl and baby Adderly, another one of Karen's charges from us..
Small Paws® Rescue: Elderly Adderly

Pearl in the driver's seat....

This is what Karen writes..

Subj: Pearl...
Date: 4/23/2001 6:04:45 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Karen Franklin)

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Hi Robin,

Just got in from seeing Pearl's chest x-ray..She is in bad shape. Dr. Ricks said he would not attemp to make a diagnosis, though he also said it probably wasn't a pda or she would be dear. He mentioned something about an arterial something but I was really upset and besides he wants me to take her to LSU for a workup and see if they think they can help her. I have no idea what this will cost.

She has heart disease from the heart worms also, and this is bad. He said they may be able to extend her life for 2 to 5 years if they can get her through the surgery...

What shall I do...I would love to be able to save her, and I can help with the cost, but do you think it ok for Small Paws to spend that much money....probably over a $1000 Dr. Ricks said..Let me know what to do. I am supposed to call LSU tomorrow to set up an appointment..

She is such an angel...and in the last pic attached below, she is sleeping on the couch with Adderly...Warms my heart...

Love Karen

I just don't know what to do...I am going to go and ask the mailing list what they want us to do...please pray. This is bad. Love, Robin

UPDATE! May 1, 2001
Through the support of the Small Paws supporters, enough funds were raised to send Pearl to Louisiana State Vet School, for a consultation about her heart. She has a PDA and it is fixable! We are raising the last four hundred dollars, for her to have the surgery next week!

Pearl with her vet student, Allison.

Pearl with her doctor, Dr. Neer.

Here is the estimate for the surgery..