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April 29, 2001
You better hurry! These babies will be GONE WITH THE WIND...:)

Scarlett and Rhett are siblings, as best we can figure. They were shelter babies, before being saved by the south..I er Small Paws® Rescue. Their heritage is questionable, but a true southern lady would never ask. Scarlett weighs 11 pounds, (As God as my witness, she has never gone hungry) and Rhett, weighs only only 7 pounds. They are the most affectionate, happy, fluffer-butt babies, I have seen in a long time! We want to place them together. Some may say that isn't practical, to try to place them together. I'll not worry about that today...I'll worry about that tomorrow.:)

They won't stay still for long.:) They LOVE going bye bye in the car, or the carraige, whatever the case may be!

One has a black nose, one has a red nose. They love other dogs and KIDS!!:))