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April 29, 2001
Mission Impossible

Our mission, should we choose to accept it, was to deliver this tiny puppy mill rescue pup to a place where you can't get there from here. Yup, six hours from the nearest airport, and Halle's new mama, was nursing her new Dad, who had just come home from having surgery! Ackk! We needed to get Halle from Kansas City Mo., to Brookings, Oregon. The closest we could do get her to Portland..and have another Small Paws® Rescue Volunteer, Diana, at, swing by (on a tightrope) and grab her Halle the airport, then, to climb on top of a speeding train, (while holding the pup in one hand), and take the train down the coast..then to jump off of the train, and onto a submarine, which would deliver her to the secret meeting place..where Halle's new Mom would be waiting.

You would have that same look in YOUR eye, if you had been on all of those moving objects..just to get to YOUR new Mama!
(Trudy holds her new baby girl, Halle)

Thank you Diane, for driving over 10 hours, to make this Impossible Dream, come true for Trudy and Halle!

Date: 4/29/2001 6:58:52 PM Central Daylight Time
CC: IHarleyPup, CPTHEO4, Bichonmomma

After giving much thought and shedding many tears over this blessing that has come our way via Small Paws® RESCUE.....just wanted to pass this on to you and your staff.....
Words are hard to come by, when ones heart is so filled with pure joy, but this says it all for me:
You and your staff at the Small Paws Rescue are Angels doing Gods will, it is as simple as that....
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and I know in my heart and soul that Halle Berre was destined to be our little fluffer doubt..I know because I prayed and prayed for months now and debated whether to get a puppy for Bella Mia to have a playmate with Beau being so old, I asked the Vet...our breeder....friends, and listers on the Bichon Frise List, and most all said the same thing.....wait, for Beau's sake not to put him through any unnecessary stress, and I went along with that for a second, then asked God to show me the came in this order: first came the Bichon Frise list...then came the Small Paws Rescue, then the reading the posts/emails and learning and sharing, and then there was Halle Berre on the adoption list, one look and God spoke to my heart and here she is with us..
Thank you for all you and your staff did and do for others.
Gods blessings
Trudy & Ed Clark in Brookings Oregon
Beau , Bella Mia, and Halle Berre