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May 17, 2001

Three year old Buddy, was in a California shelter. He is skin and bones, and he is in very bad shape.

He has very sweet eyes, and is very friendly....despite.....

Despite the huge holes in his tummy, caused by stickers becoming embedded. These were surgically removed last night. He was also neutered last night.

Both of his two back legs are broken. One of his legs is snapped clean in two. I suspect he was hit by a car maybe.. We need to fix this poor baby's legs.They are not healed yet, from the break and can still be salvaged... otherwise, he may end up a criple.The Ortho guy there says it will be $1000-1200. This dog has a personality that won't quit. I told him that we won't quit either. We are going to try to raise the funds to help him. It's ok're ok now. No one is ever going to hurt you again. It's ok, can come in from the rain.