September 12
The Captain and Tenille

Captain and Tenille
(Not their REAL names...YOU can name them!)
We have been told these are 14 month old siblings. They were shelter babies.

This is what their foster mom, Kara, says about them.
bj: I Got Them!
Date: 9/12/2001 11:21:22 AM Central Daylight Time
From: (WF District UMC)


I wanted to send you this update this morning to let you know that
everything is o.k. with the two babies from the Vernon Shelter. They are
both very shy and very scared, but appear to be basically healthy. They are
both very thin and, in my opinion, need to gain some weight. I won't need
to treat them for fleas after all. The shelter has been treating them with
Revolution and had just given them another treatment on Monday of this week
so they are flea-free, and hopefully worm-free also. I still plan on taking
them to my vet on Friday (I have to wait until then because of my work
schedule) to get their rabies shots. The price for the rabies shots will be
$8 each.

When I got them home last night, I made the mistake of letting them out in
my yard not on a leash. It took me a while to catch them and get them in
the house, but I finally succeeded in tolling them in the house with some
treats and then shutting the door behind them. I put them in my bathroom
and put a gate across the door. They immediately went over and laid down on
a blanket I had put on the floor under my sink. I put out some food and
water and thought I would leave them alone for a while to settle in. When I
check on them a few minutes later, I discovered that they eaten a little bit
of the food and drunk some water.

The shelter had told me that their ears had not been cleaned so about an
hour after I got home, I decided to go in the bathroom with them and see if
they would let me at least look at their ears. I started with the female
and even though she sat in my lap shaking the whole time, she let me pull
some of the filthy black hair out of her ears and clean them a little with a
cleaning solution I use for my Bichon. I also did the same thing for the
male and he was just as sweet. After I quit working on his ears, I started
petting him and he lay in my lap and went to sleep. It almost made me cry
at how much he seemed to love getting this attention.

Before I went to bed myself, I managed to find one extra collar (that will
fit the male) and I used my cat's harness for the female. I took them back
outside but they both were scared of being on the leash. They kept trying
to run away from me and couldn't seem to understand why I was still
"attached" to them. I am planning on going to buy a little collar for the
female today so that I won't have to use the cat harness again. I wish I
had an ex-pen, but I don't have one. I think they would be a lot happier if
I could just put them in a small pen in the yard for a few minutes
occasionally, rather than having them on a leash.

I discovered a tattoo in the female's ear (H7) that makes me think that she
was at some time in a puppy mill. I am seriously wondering if this is not a
case of a mother/son pair rather than the brother/sister pair that the
shelter thought. Somehow, the female just looks and acts a little older
than the male. She also looks more like a full-blood Bichon than the male
does. She is very small (I would guess between 8 & 10 lbs.). He is a
little taller, but still very thin (I would guess between 10 &12 lbs.).

Thank you,
Kara Miller