November 20, 2001

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Our First Breast Cancer Survivor, Sandy.

Sandy, a BUNCH of somebodies LOVE you!

3 Year old Sandy came to us with large and painful mammary tumors. A biopsy revealed it was breast cancer. We raised money and flew this little girl to Small Paws® Volunteer, Karen Franklin in Sumrall, Misissippi. Karen is a vet tech and works for a wonderful vet, Dr. Ricks. Dr. Ricks did a radical double mastectomy on Sandy. It was the worst case of breast cancer that Karen had ever seen.
We just got word that the tumors are gone and lymph nodes are clear! Though we are not able to say she is cured of the cancer, she is clear of it right now!:) Thank you Dr. Ricks!

Dr. Ricks prepares to go get that cancer out of there!

The surgery was very radical. We kept Sandy out of pain with pain killers.
Thanks to your generosity, Sandy has a bright prognosis! Many thanks to Dr. Ricks, and Karen whom Sandy owes her life.:)