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June 12, 2001

Missy, two days after an emergency leg amputation.

We received an emergency e-mail about a six year old female Bichon in trouble. A child had put a rubber band around her hind right leg, and the owner did not notice, or get vet treatment in time. The tissue had all died, and was smelling bad, and Missy needed her leg amputated in order to survive...and the owner could not afford to do it. They signed Missy over to Small Paws® Rescue. Further investigation found that Missy also had never been on heartworm preventative, and had severe dental disease, because she had never had her teeth cleaned, despite recommendation of such, from the primary vet. We determined it was in her best interest, not to return her to the previous owners. I spoke with Missy's primary care vet, and several vets at the Emergency Hospital, where we took her, and always refered to her as "Missy..the six year old Bichon, who had to have her leg amputated."....all of these vets had Missy listed as a Bichon, and never corrected me about her not being a Bichon. Now, we believe she is a matter..she was in urgent need of help and now, she is getting the help she so desperately needed. Missy will do just fine on three legs. She is a very sweet baby girl, and is being fostered by a vet tech friend of ours in Dayton Ohio.:)

UPDATE! 6/17/02
Missy has a new Mama to go to when she is with anothe rescue special needs Maltese...just look how happy Missy was to hear that news!!!

Thank you Cat for taking such good care of this baby girl!!