Maggie was a puppy mill dog, rescued by law enforcement and the Sioux Falls shelter when arresting the miller last April. She came into Small Paws® care in November. It was just diagnosed that Maggie has Cushing's Disesase, more than likely caused by a tumor on the pituitary or adrenal gland. There is no real time line on the amount of time she has left with us. Usually it is around 2 years, but could be less or more. There is a treatment with chemo like drugs, but they will make her sick, she would have to be hospitalized, and it could run the very likely risk of causing Addison's Disease, which would make Maggie feel worse, and there is no definite evidence this treatment actually extends her life expectancy. The recommendation from the vet was to just make Maggie comfortable & happy. Maggie is now going to live here, be happy, and have a real home for the rest of her life.
Maggie is a delight. She is happy now and seems content. Maggie fit right in with the rest of my household instantly. She had a long journey to find her way to my house: the mill, the shelter while the court case dragged on for months, a home, a return to the shelter, another home, back to the shelter, and then Small Paws® got a call from the shelter that Maggie needed help, and Small Paws® called me to get her out & foster her temporarily.
Maggie’s journey is now over and she now has her forever home here. Because Small Paws has a good reputation, the shelter in Sioux Falls was able to call them to help Maggie. Maggie and I both want to thank Small Paws for bringing us together.
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