Pete before rescue............................... Pete After Rescue
Poor dear Pete's another story. He wouldn't hurt a fly and is gentle and sweet. As soon as I have his coat sheared off him and he's feeling better, he'd be a very nice fellow to have around.

Pete came from the No. Central shelter on what would have been his last day on this earth. They loved him and wanted him adopted so they tried to wash him but must not have had a clue that they were contributing to a nightmare. I kid you not when I say he was one gigantic mat. The fur on his face was attached from his chin, past his leg to his rib cage. I'm shearing him a little at a time. He looked like he weighed 30 lbs but he's just 12 lbs. His breath made you want to throw up. He couldn't even eat soft food without crying in pain. The vet said in all her years of practice she has never seen a mouth so terrible. They had to pull 28 teeth, he has 10 left. You can imagine the charge, even with their reasonable prices, as awful. His poor nails had never been cut as far as I could see and curved over like eagle talons. I can't think the pain he must have suffered with each step. I think we're going to have to have help with this one. I hate to send in the invoices but between Duffy, the new one rescued on Wednesday and this one the invoices have been dreadful. Here's a picture of Pete before and as we work on him. He's looking bad right now because of the extractions but I'm hoping he feels better soon. Love, Sandy