Urgent Need!

Bliss can't smile without us.
4 year old Bliss, the one on the left, has been diagnosed with Lymphosarcoma (usually terminal cancer) BUT, the good news is, the Oncologists and Internist both believe there is a good chance of this being something called a "Solitary Lymphatic Tumor".
The tumor on the spleen was found almost accidently, during a routine dental surgery, when the veterinarian felt led to palpate her tummy. He found a tumor on her spleen and removed the spleen and tumor. Bliss has had no symptoms and her lungs and other organs are clear at this time.
The specialist are recommending 6 mos. of chemo therapy to make sure we got the surrounding cells.
We have some of our Small Paws® list who want to go ahead and do the Chemo therapy, to give this one a chance at a normal life. The specialists are telling us that most dogs handle being on chemo therapy very well. Do you want to help us to help Bliss?
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