January 14, 2002

Baby Marley is a rescue from a commercial kennel in Missouri. He was born on 10/21/01, and requires emergency surgery in the morning in Oklahoma City, for a severe liver shunt problem. His liver enzymes are off of the chart and the vets are telling me that we can not wait. He also has two bladder stones because of the liver shunt problem. With the surgery,. the prognosis is for a normal life. The surgery will cost $850.00-1000.00. Can you help us to help Marley? Your donation is 100% Tax Deductable. The surgery will be at at the Animal Surgical Clinic,
2915 NW 122nd,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
Telephone: 405-751-3920, Fax: 405-755-7927
They are going to work us in tomorrow morning. I PRAY we can raise the funds to pay for this surgery to save this little life.

We accept all major credit cards
Or, you may send a check to
Small Paws® Rescue Inc.
%Robin Pressnall
3316 S. 72nd. W. Ave.
Tulsa, Oklahoma., 74107

Marley Update! January 16, 2002 3:30 P.M.
I just talked to his surgeon and it WAS a liver shunt. They did repair it as well as removed the bladder stones caused by the liver not working properly. I will drive to OKC tomorrow and pick up this boy and bring him back to Tulsa.

Marley Update! January 20, 2002
Baby Marley is now safe and sound back home, and in foster care here n Tulsa, Oklahoma, with our Small Paws® Rescue attorney, Angela Paulson and her husband Wayne. I fear he is being turned into a spoilt rotten Bichon. Here are his pictures after the surgery, with which you all helped ...surgery that saved his life!:)

Here he is, leaving the surgical hospital, in the arms of the vet tech.

Here are his little stitches on his little tummy....

Our vet, Dr. David Russel, examines the stitches...

Look at that baby's face. He is done with being looked at! HAHA! He 'snorted" right after this picture as taken.:)