January 25, 2002

They Call him Flipper, Flipper...
(Flipper now has a new Mama to go home to, after he grows some more!)

9 1/2 week old Bichon puppy, "Flipper" came to us from a commercial kennel in Mo. He weighs only a pound. He was born on November 20, 2001 Something is very wrong I fear. He is failing to thrive.

He is even smaller than Baby Smidgie was.

His feet both stick out like "flippers", thus the name. He came to us only able to eat baby food. Here he is all bathed. We are presently running tests and taking xrays to see what is wrong. Please pray...he is just so very tiny. he sits up and claps his "flippers" together to beg for his dinner..so very cute! I pray he is not sick somehow...he is just so tiny. We have him in an incubator now, for he is too small to keep himself warm.

UPDATE January 28, 2002
Flipper's x-rays show no bone abnormalities. It may be a joint problem causing his little feet to head outwards. The vet has spinted the front legs to see if that will help. Flipper does not mind at all.:) Here he is in his little incubator...keeping warm an cozy.

UPDATE! January 30, 2002

Flipper is WALKING more normally now, and the splints have been removed. He is up to 1.38 pounds, is gaiing weight, and has a new Mama, who lives in Dallas, who will drive here for him. She is grieving the loss of her kitty, who died of cancer. Flipper will be a little heart healer deluxe. Flipper will go home when is released by his doctor. He is going to make it! Thank to all who prayed for this baby!

UPDATE Feb 6, 2002
Flipper is gaining weight and getting ready to go home to his new Moma in a few weeks! Look at him getting ready for the Olympics!

UPDATE!! April 25, 2002

<ubj: RE: Flipper
Date: 4/22/2002 10:51:40 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LCooke@studley.com (Cooke, Lissa)
To: CPTHEO4@aol.com ('CPTHEO4@aol.com')
Hi Carol!

absolutely! Flipper has been to the vet twice for checkups and doing
fantastic. He is now a little over 5 lbs. His legs are straight and he is
adorable and very healthy. You would never know he previously had health

We are weaning away from the pee-pads, and he is going more & more outside.
we're NEARLY there! He is very very VERY smart and can 'sit' and 'lie
down' so far........

Our next door neighbors have a full grown Bijon (11 years old) who is
showing Flipper 'the ropes'! everybody loves him!
everyone is our neighborhood walk their dogs all the time and Flipper has
made many friends. 'Rags', 'Lucy' and a terrier .......I can't remember his
name right now.......... he is not shy whatsoever with people or other
dogs, and is very friendly.

can't wait to send you pictures..... we have millions!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thanks for the wonderful joy he has brought!

Lissa Cooke
Subj: RE: Flipper
Date: 4/22/2002 11:08:24 AM Central Daylight Time
From: LCooke@studley.com (Cooke, Lissa)
To: CPTHEO4@aol.com ('CPTHEO4@aol.com')

OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! we'd love to share how wonderful Flipper is. he is a huge
success story. from not knowing if he is going to survive or not in an
incubator at 1.4 lbs. ...........to a wonderfully, healthy, happy pup that
everybody stops to pet and love when we're on a walk..... no one can resist

You guys are blessings. thank you!>
Update May 15, 2002
Pictures of Flipper at 6 pounds!