Logan, a Very Special Angel Indeed
Logan came to us in trouble. He was having seizures due to epilepsy. His first owners took him to a shelter when they could no longer deal with his epilepsy. He was a special needs baby who needed a special, special home. First he was picked up and fostered by Small Paws® volunteer, Judy Pierce at squirrellady1@yahoo.com. Then he was moved to a foster home that could give him a little more one on one care, the home of John and Linda Stewert at Bichon412@aol.com
Logan finally found the love and the special home and Mom he needed. These are the pictures of his transfer to his new Mama, Kathy Taylor at ktaylor2000@mindspring.com.
Linda, his foster Mom writes....
"We just got home from Augusta, GA where we meet Logan's new Mama, Kathy. When I first saw her I said, "Hey I like your doggy vest" she said
thanks, "I have a matching one in the car for Logan!!." Right then I knew this was a good match. She's gonna love him with all her heart.
She got to the rest area 2 hours early so she wouldn't be late! :))
Here are a couple pictures...."

Logan's Run

Dig those matching duds!

Logan says "Goodbye" to his foster Dad, John.

Foster Mom Linda Stewert (on the right), places Logan in the arms of his new Mom, Kathy. (On the left)
Logan is in a warm bed, in a loving home tonight, thanks to the very Special Angels who cared for him. Thank you Linda and Judy!

UPDATE! 2/24/02
"From: Bichon412@aol.com

I spoke with Kathy briefly last night. She left me a massage at almost 7pm telling us she "just got home!" John said that's almost 4 hours late you'd better call her quick! Seems as though she had been involved in a car accident. She & Logan ARE FINE!! (and no, the accident wasn't Logan's fault) After being on the road about an hour & half she decided to stop off and go into PetSmart. (she wanted to buy Logan a new toy:) While stopped at the intersection to get back on the highway, a car allowed a truck to pass through which lead to another car hitting the truck, bouncing off the truck and rolling back into Kathy's car. She said both her & Logan were OK, but since her car had a dent & lights broken she had to wait about 1.5 hours for the police, tow trucks and reports to be written & signed. :( In the meantime employees from PetSmart were driving by stopping to ask if her & "the puppy" were OK?!
She said Logan did just fine, basically laying on her lap most the time. Fortunately one of the tow truck drivers also has an epileptic dog so they were able to talk about that while she had to wait.
Talk about an unforgettable adoption!! Thank God everyone's safe & sound.
Also, with permission, I'm going to forward an update on Logan that I received this morning from Kathy! :)