Up, Up and Away! Private Plane rescues!
This was our first rescue using our brand new volunteer pilot, Juliette Watt. She saw us on Animal Planet and wanted to sign up to help right away! Thank you Juliette! We appreciate you so much!!

Meet a very spry and lively 13 year old "Lady", who needed to come into rescue. Her owner died on Christmas Eve.

This is Lady in the arms of Juliette, our new volunteer pilot! They are headed off to Lady's new foster home!

"Hey! This private plane treatment ain't so bad! Do they serve dinner on this flight? I'll have the chicken, today, thank you.."

A closeup of our daring duo!
While they were at the airport, our volunteer transportation secretary, Lynda Dehart, met two more private pilots who said they want to help too!:) We are up and flying, now!

Juliette just called and she is back home! She flew 700 miles today for Small Paws® Rescue! Thank you Juliette!:)

March 16, 2002
Pug Rescuer, Dennis, flew down to pick up 2 Pugs we got out of the mills last week.

Five minutes after landing another man who owns 2 rescue pugs, AND the official Pogue airport dog, had come to join in the rescue pictures. Dennis holds the pug puppy. The black and white little dog is the airport's dog.

May 9, 2002

Dodger from Brooklyn flies to safety on the wings of an angel!

Dodger and we thank you Juliette!

June 2, 2002
Small Paws® Rescue Bichon Cheddar has terminal cancer. Juliette swooped in and flew her to a hospice home with ken and Kathy Briody..

JULY 9, 2002
Great News!!!
A miracle has happened! Cheddar has just been declared CANCER FREE! She is no longer a Hospice Patient and has now been adopted by the Briody's!

Thanks again Juliette!