March 2, 2002

The 2002 Winter Olympics have just finished. I wanted to give this baby the name of a champion. You see, he has beaten all of the odds. He had already been taken back to the euthanasia room at the shelter. He is heartworm positive. They were going to kill him because no one would want to save a heartworm pos scraggily, wormy, dirty little mixed breed...right?
WRONG! This one looks to me like he has met a Bichon before. He was saved by Small Paws® volunteer, Leisa at

We needed to get him from Memphis, Tennessee to Sumrall, Mississippi, to Karen Franklin, ( volunteer who is a vet tech, and has taken care of many heartworm babies. The problem was, Karen's home was several hours away from where we had pulled him from the shelter.
That's when THESE two HEROS stepped in!

Meet Roy and Martha Murr ( Small Paws® Rescue Volunteers extaordinaire! They drove 11 hours round trip to bring this baby to Karen Franklin, who met them in Hattiesburg.
Apollo will be just fine now. He has worms, and he has heartworms....but now, he has God and US! He is going to make it! Thanks to all of the angels who have gotten him thus far!