Vet bills have been right at $1600.00
Prince came to us blind. He had a disease where cataracts were causing immense pressure on his eyes that were very painful. A specialist did the surgery and now..Prince can SEE and he is no longer in pain! Than you for supporting his rescue effort! He is ready now to fly home to his new Mama!

Prince is going to have his surgery thanks to all of you...and...he has been adopted! He will fly home as soon as he is healed from his surgery!
Meet Prince
Prince is being fostered in Ga. with Mindy at

We took 6 year old Prince to an ophthalmologist,
Animal Eye Specialists P.C.
630 Cobb Mountain Parkway North, Suite E.
Marietta, Ga., 30061
who told us that he needs eye surgery, not because he will loose his sight, (which he will do without the surgery) but that because of the particular kind of problem this is, without the surgery, he will loose the whole eye.
This is what his foster mom, Mindy, says...." But being that both my vet and the eye specialist said that he has Lense Induced Uvietis and will lose that eye if it isn't taken care of, I'd say that the drops are doing what Dr. King said and getting the inflammation & infection under control, the drops are starting to control the symptoms but not a solution to the underlying problem."
There is pressure building up there and it is going to be come very painful for him, without the surgery. The estimate for the surgery is $1300.00.
If we do not so the surgery, this baby will be in severe pain and will loose the eye on top of it.
Right now he is taking eye drops to control the pressure and get it down to a safe level for the surgery, which will fix the problem, and one of the befits will be that it will also restore his sight.
We can't authorize the surgery without knowing the funds will be there.
If you would like to contribute toward's Prince's eye surgery, this is how you can do that.:)
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or, you may send your tax deductible check or money order to
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Thanks in adance for helping us to save this Bichon boy's eye. :)
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