March 3, 2002
Often, older dogs are left to be euthanized at shelters across our country. Not when Small Paws® is involved!

Truman is a ten year old Bichon who was saved from a south Texas shelter by our volunteer, Bev at Truman has several health problems...all of which are fixable, hopefully. He has cataracts and is blinded by them in one eye...

Of course his teeth are awful..and they need cleaning and extractions

Truman also has a two inch tumor on his neck which must be removed and sent to pathology.
The vet has a good feeling that it looks like it is a benign growth

Can you help us to help this boy? Lord only knows how he ended up in such bad condition, all alone, on death row in the shelter. Surely he was loved at one time in his life. His vet bill is going to be at least $600.00, the vet tells us, and this is with a 25% discount.
(This is just to get him healthy. It does not including repairing his sight by cataract surgery...if we are able to do that surgery too, there will be an extra $1700.00 in expenses.)
The good news is, he is a happy boy with a great personality!