Urgent Current Need - March 11, 2002
Thanks to caring donors, Abby will have her surgery! Thank you!

"Abby" is a precious 5/6 year old spayed female that is extremely
affectionate and loving, and now being fostered in Southern California. She has been diagnosed with a severe case of
Luxating Patellas (dislocated knees) which cause her to cry out in pain. One knee is a grade 3, and one is a grade 4. They grade them on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the worse.
More About the Luxating Patellas Grading System
Abby needs a very expensive surgery to be done by a Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon, to correct this problem. We need to raise around $1500.00 for these surgeries for her.
Her foster mom, Kerry at mystickalraven@earthlink.net, says,
"Her eyes light up and her tail just wags whenever you look at her! She is a happy girl. Abby is house trained and crate trained. She
loves big/small dogs and cats, but prefers people.
She plays like a puppy and still enjoys a nap or two
every day. Abby is completely vetted, including
having her teeth cleaned. She is waiting for her
forever home."