March 23, 2002
Fair Grove Mo. Puppy Mill Auction!

(Operation: Bring Them On Home)
We were able to purchase the freedom of 9 adults and six puppies! 15 Bichons!
(Please remember we respectfully reserve the puppies for adopters who are grieving either the loss of a pet or a person in their lives. Also all puppy mill rescues must go to homes with at least one other dog in residence, to teach these guys to be pets and not farm animals!)

Thanks to literally hundreds of you who donated, prayed, and supported us emotionally, we BROUGHT THEM ON HOME from the puppy mills of Missouri! Pregnant females, females with litters, a Male Bichon from Champion Lines from the UK, and more!
This was a total kennel dispersal auction and the USDA license was surrendered. These folks were retiring and getting out of the puppy business. Folks, I need to tell you...Praise GOD in the morning these babies are NOT in bad shape at all! If we had not been there to get these precious, PRECIOUS Bichon babies out, they would have gone on to yet another mill. Some did go on to another mill. You never know how another commercial kennel will treat the dogs purchased at auction. We have seen the worst of the worst and the best of the best. Let me tell you what we were able to get out this time!
1. Pregnant Female born 7/04/00 Bred/ due to whelp 4/29/02
2. Female born 7/04/00 with FOUR babies (2males/2 females) whelped 1/10/02
3. Pregnant Female born 12/14/99 due to whelp 4/12/02
4. Female Born 1/3/96 with 2 male puppies, whelped on 3/02/02.
5.Female born 4/07/00 (almost 2 years old)
6. Male born 4/07/00 (almost two years old)
7. Male born 6/11/06 (5 years old)
8. Male born 2/06/91 (11 years old and from Champion blood lines from the UK! We have reclaimed him and we brought bring him back home!)
9. Female born 4/07/02
As you can see, many of these appear to be siblings, born on the same day. I believe that is what would have happened to the puppies we got, if we did not get them out. They would have been kept as "breeding stock".

During transport a moma rests with her four babies. I told them they have a Bichon Mom now..and all is going to be's gonna be ok.

Is it just me or does she look thankful!??:)

Some of the crates lined up at the vet's office.Warm beds, food and water await them after a very long day.

One Moma and four babies hit the chow line!

(Don't know who this teddy bear is yet, since this was such a big rescue, give us a few days to match microchips with doggies and to give them names)
Thes babies are in terrific shape! They are clean and social! Please pray for the ones who went to other Amish gentleman got almost all of the rest of them.:(

A Mama with two male babies.

These babies are curious and really social for kennel babies!

We believe this is the one from Champion lines from the UK. Will positively identify him tomorrow from his microchip

They are not crouching at the back of the cages, like we sometimes see...thank you GOD!:)

These are tail waggers and dancers, folks!

Tails are up and these babies are not even SHAVED!:) They also did not smell bad...Our transporters were VERY grateful!
We will update this page with names, Birthdates, weights and more about personalities as the days go one. Thank you ALL for participating in this rescue!:) It was a wonderful day for these babies. Thanks to you, they have ended up in the loving arms of Small Paws® Rescue.

UPDATE March 28, 2002

"Blossom", has a grooming appointment next week, as do all of these babies.:) She was born 7/04/00 Blossom still has milk from her 11 week old babies and she will be spayed next week. She needs a quiet home, with another dog in residence. These babies are happy as long as they are in a small, confined area, but when we put them into large suites/runs. and they just act terribly frightened. We are taking it easy and letting them get to know us slowly.

Blossom's puppies are all placed with griever applications...including this one!
Small Paws® Rescue:Tulsa Tradgedy Turns to Healing

"Rose" was born on 7/04/00 (Blossom's Sister). Rose is pregnant and due on 4/29/02. She is going to an experienced foster home to have her babies. Rose really needs socializing after she gives birth, and must go to an adult home with at least one other dog in residence, when her puppies are 11-12 weeks old.

"Daisy" was born 4/07/00. Daisy is two and needs an adult home. She lunged once when they came to take her out for an exam. After you have her in your arms she is ok but scared at first. These babies need to be taught to love.

"Forest" is eleven years old and comes from Champion Bloodlines from the UK. He was born 2/5/91 as "Moi Cherry Koole". He is one of the happiest dogs from this rescue. He does not know what children are so he needs an adult home with one other dog in residence.

"Iris" was born 4/07/00 and has a little better personality. She needs an adult home with at least one other dog in residence.

"Petal" is a tailwagger and is six years old! She was born on 1/3/96 and came in with two male babies. She is being fostered in an experienced foster home for momas and babies!

Petals baby boys," Lightning" and "Storm" were born on 3/02/02 and are 4 weeks old. They can go to homes of grievers when they are 11-12 weeks old.

"Woodsey" was born on 4/07/00 and is shy but happy. He must have n adult home and at least one other dog in residence.

"Weed"... (As in "Growing like a"...) Weed was born on 6/11/96. He is almost 6 years old and will need to learn how to be loved and how to trust.:)