Tradgedy in Tulsa
I received a frantic phone call on the morning of Monday, March 25, 2002. A family's precious 10 year old Bichon, Maggie, had been stolen while being boarded at a local veterinarian's office. Rebecca Wells and her family returned from vacation, to everyone's worst nightmare. Her Bichon, "Maggie", had been stolen.


The word went out immediately to the Small Paws list with a request for urgent prayer that Maggie be reunited with her loving family.

The Wells Family in happier times with Maggie.

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10:00 P.M.
Tradgedy turns to Horror
That night, the Wells got the worst news possible. Maggie had been found...and she was dead. She had been hit by a car. The Wells believe she was trying to find her way back home. Rebbeca rocked Maggie's little body, sang to her, and prayed with her...this Bichon Mom was in the worse kind of agony.

The word went out again, this time telling the terrible news. Immediately, fellow Small Pawsers from all over the country and Internationally as well, began to send the messages of heart felt sympathy. Sara McBurnett, Leo's Mom, called to offer comfort and understanding to Rebecca.

Meanwhile, the previous weekend we had just completed this rescue...
The Fairfield Mo Puppy Mill Auction

I called Rebecca the morning after they found poor Maggie, and with tears, I asked her if she would allow Small Paws® to gift to them, a female puppy, from the previous weekend's rescue. She immediately said ,"YES!"
Here are the pictures of Rebecca and her family, picking out their new white fluffy family member.:)

Tears turn to smiles...

"Which one should we take?"

"This one!"

"Our new baby girl."
Small Paws® rescue is dedicated to the Bichon Frise. Even more than that, we are dedicated to the very special people who love Bichons, and who always will.

May 28, 2002
Dearest Robin and all the loving members of the Small Paws® Rescue Family,

My most heartfelt thanks for all your warm, comforting, prayerful letters regarding the loss of my beloved Maggie. She was so incredibly special, generous with her unconditional love and cherished by her family.

We were all profoundly touched by the outpouring of love that we have received. This was an overwhelming act of cruelty and the grief has been consuming. But through this darkness, God has shown me the vast loving kindness in the hearts of so many who have expressed their condolences.

I am comforted to know her precious spirit sparkles in heaven and that we will be reunited one day. Our deepest appreciation to all of you for blessing our hearts with your comforting thoughts and prayers.

The Wells Family

To Darling Robin,
You and all of your wonderful organization have been so tremendously kind to our family through our devastating loss of Maggie. The flowers you sent are lovely and a reminder of all your loving kindnesses. I feel we have an extended family in all of you. Thank you again for your boundless thoughtfulness.
Rebecca Wells

Update! May 15, 2002
Hi you guys,
I have GOOD news! I just got a call from Rebecca Wells. You remember. Her precious Bichon, Maggie, was stolen from a veterinarian's office here in Tulsa, and later found dead.
Rebecca called me tonight and told me they have a suspect! The detective on the case...(WE JUST LOVE THIS GUY!!) chased him, himself yesterday! They got the car he was in but he got away. (NOT FOR LONG!!!) Get this!!! The guy then called the detective's machine and left a taunting message! Go read about it on our local news page!
KOTV Channel 6, The Spirit of Oklahoma
This is the e-mail I just got from the detective himself...he is gonna get this guy! It is about to be run on the evening news right now! He IS gonna get him! You just hide in the bushes and watch!! Love, Robin
Subj: WANTED: Antonio Myrie (Maggie's case)
Date: 5/15/2002 9:28:16 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Ed Duesenberg)

Here is the latest on case. We almost had our suspect yesterday.
We'll get him.
This article is from the Tulsa World newspaper
Suspected burglar taunts Tulsa Police
A suspected burglar who keeps getting away from Tulsa Police. He's become so bold about his success that he actually called the detectives and teased them about not catching him.

News on Six crime reporter Lori Fullbright says Tulsa Police would like your help putting this man behind bars. Police say this is one busy burglar, they suspect he's broken into two-dozen businesses, taking cash, guns, computers and videogames.

Police know who he is and where he lives. In fact, while doing surveillance on him, they spotted him in a stolen car, but, when he spotted the detectives, he took off. In fact, he ran so fast, they lost him. They did confiscate the stolen car he was driving and recovered some loot; they say a keyboard was stolen from the Harvard Avenue Christian Church.

When detectives got back to their office a half hour later, they couldn't believe their ears; they say their suspect left them a message, rubbing it in that he got away. Voice: "That was a real stupid move. Let's not let some stupid &*!# like that happen again. Catch you on the flip side, man. Don't wear your legs out." This is the face that goes with the voice, Antonio Myrie, he's 21 years old, and currently has two outstanding warrants for his arrest. Tulsa Police Sgt Mark Sherwood: "This guy's been in trouble before. He has a lengthy record and I think he's never faced any consequences for his behavior. We really want to catch him this time."

And, here's the reason why. There is a long list of businesses police suspect Myrie has broken into all over Tulsa in just the past two months. He's also a suspect in a number of car thefts and even in the Hammond Veterinary Hospital break-in, where two dogs were stolen and one was later run over and killed. "This guy is absolutely a menace to our society right now and we want to get him off the streets."

Police hope someone will drop a dime on Myrie and turn him in, so the next time he sees the police, he won't be getting away, but, going to jail.

If you know where Myrie is or have information about this case, you can call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS. You don't have to say whom you are, but could get up to $2,000 cash if your tip leads to an arrest.
UPDATE! 5/16/02

This picture was in the Tulsa World Newspaper

This article is from the Tulsa World newspaper

"Tip helps Tulsa Police nab suspected burglar"
Tulsa Police have captured a suspected thief who got away from them, and then taunted them about it.

Acting on a tip, police arrested 21-year-old Antonio Myrie at the Crystal Bay Apartments early Thursday. Police shackled him, and carried him out of the apartment after he spit on officers and resisted arrest.

Myrie is suspected in a dozen break-ins. He was stopped Wednesday but got away, then gloated about it. Tulsa Police Sgt Mark Sherwood, Burglary Squad: "I have never, in my 13 years on the department, lost a suspect in a footchase and had him call us 30 minutes later and tease us about it. This guy's a brazen criminal."

Police say they found loot from some burglaries in Myrie's apartment and a stolen car outside. Charges are pending. "