The Wall of Fame
Linda and John Stewert at are Small Paws® Volunteers...truly extaordinary Small Paws® Rescue volunteers.

Linda with one of her own Bichons, Casey, getting their Small Paws® Rescue update...

Over the past year and a half, Linda and John have fostered over 50 rescued Bichons and Bichon mixes for us. (ok and one Beagless (beagle) who thinks he is a Bichon)

They have fostered Bichons with problems. Bichons with sarcoptic mange and epilepsy....Bichons with Cushings disease. Bichons with behavioral problems.
And each one of these fluffs leaves this remarkable foster home knowing that he or she is truly loved, as they enter their new forever home. In fact, a pictorial remembrance graces the Stewert's wall in their den. It is called "The Wall Of Fame." I want to share that beautiful Wall of Fame with you now. TISSUE ALERT!:)

The Wall Of Fame in the beginning.

The Wall of Fame after 32 fosters!

1. Under each picture is the name and dates of foster care at the Stewert's.



4. "Max"

5. "Nevette"


7. "Kimo"



10. "Logan"

11. "Fizzgigg"

12. "Molly"

13. "Noela"

14. "Baxter"

15. "Peggy"

16. "Romeo"

17. "Marley"

18. "Crystal"

19. "Rusty"

20. "Pepe"

21. "Pierre"

22. "Fred"

23 & 24. Annabelle & Antonia

25. Sable

26. Baxter

27. Dusty

28. Jimbo

29. Mitzi

30. Peek-a-boo

31. Sanford

32. Snoopy. (Don't Ask..HAHA!)

33. Tootsie-Pop

34. Dog-Dog

35. Cindy-Sue

36. Chucky

37. Muffin

38. Cashmere

39. Max

40. Spencer and Sidney

41. Sidney

42-43 Duffer and Solomon

44. Boswell

45. Skeeter

46. Mikey

47. Chopper

48. Mikey

49. Snookums

50. Bernie

51. Happy ll

52. Princess

53-54. Billy and Benny

55. Teddy Bear