April 16, 2002

Total Bills so far $1408.00
Late last night I received a call from Small Paws Rescue volunteer staff member, Jackie Linich at bichon1@attbi.com out in Alameda, California. There was a five year old Bichon in a nearby humane society out there and he is very, very sick. We were contacted and upon our authorization, he was taken to a local Emergency Clinic last night, and preliminary diagnostic tests show he is in renal falure. His BUN is through the roof, but his creatnin numbers are pretty close to normal. I want to find out why his kidneys are failing (possible Leptospirosis, Earlichea, or other tick borne disease?) and if it is reversible and treatable. Jackie has picked him up and driven him to a specialist so that they can determine what is causing this and if it is treatable. She is there with him right now. We spent $402.00 on him last night and will need to authorize more for the specialist in a few minutes. I don't want to even think of putting him to sleep (as is usally advised when renal failure is present) until we find out what the cause of this is, and if it is treatable. Please PRAY!

UPDATE 4/16/2002 9:00 P.M.

From: bichon1@attbi.com
To: pup3@aol.com (Robin)
Hi Robin,
Just heard from the vet and he says that he has a urinary tract infection and possibly a prostate infection. He is a monorchid and when he is well enough we can neuter him. He is stable with an elevated Bun and Creatinine and a low potassium. They are treating him with baytril and will do an ultrasound of his kidneys tomorrow. Also will recheck his blood work. Let me know if you what you want to do differently. Also they do give discounts to rescue and were going to set up an account for Small Paws®. This is a great clinic.
This is the clinic where he is now Jackie

UPDATE 4/18/2002 9:00 P.M.

Subj: johnnie
Date: 4/18/2002 4:35:58 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bichon1@attbi.com (bichon rescue)
To: pup3@aol.com (Robin)

I just spoke to the vet at adobe and nothing is growing out of the urine culture. His Bun is in the 60's but the creatinine is 2.7 up from 2. They would like to do a kidney biopsy. They also would to do a check for lepto, she is going to find out if it will show up on the biopsy, if not, will need to do a titer. She is checking with a pathologist for that answer. They can do a needle biopsy, guided with ultrasound or an abdominal surgery. If they do the surgery they can neuter him as one of his testes is in his abdomen. There is a risk of bleeding with the needle biopsy. They have a digital camera and will take a pic and forward it to me. could you let me know how you think we should go? I hate to subject him to surgery, but if we can neuter him at the same time, might be worth it. She seemed to think that surgery was the way to go. Also he is on medicine for high bp. She thinks that is related to kidney problem.

Date: 4/19/2002 10:49:23 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bichon1@attbi.com
To: pup3@aol.com (Robin), CPTHEO4@aol.com
Now, John, our boy down at adobe, was neutered and had his kidney biopsy today. He is doing great and the vet said she thinnks he is very young 2or 3 maybe. He tolerated the anesthesia really well and they were going to draw blood again last night.

Update April 24, 2002
Johnnie is not eating and is being taken back to he vet today. Please pray.

UPDATE April 27, 2002
Johnnie began eating when offered the BARF diet. (Bones and Raw foods). He is continuing to recouperate! Thanks for your prayers!

Subj: Good news about Johnnie
Date: 4/28/2002 10:16:41 PM Central Daylight Time
From: bichon1@attbi.com (bichon rescue)
To: pup3@aol.com (Robin)
Johnnie has gained a pound and his blood pressure is normal. We had blood work drawn and should have the results by tomorrow. The vet couldn't believe that it was the same dog.

UPDATE 5/11/02
To: Robin
Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2002 9:55 PM
Subject: good news
Hi Robin,

Hope you are doing well! Johnny has a clean bill of health. His Bun was 18! Last week it was 118! Bichon prayers are great! I am looking for a new home, but has to be someone who will notice if he has another kidney or uti.

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