Puppy Mill March to the Capitol in Harrisburg Pa.
On Saturday, May 4, 2002 over 1000 people coverged on the Capitol steps in Harrisburg Pa. Though not a lobbying effort for the legislature, it was a march to bring awareness to the public about the problem of the Puppy Mills in our country. Two of our volunteers, Sheila and Jeff at sheilajeff@prodigy.net attended this march, wearing their Small Paws Rescue tee-shirts, and carrying our brand new "Small Paws® Rescue: Saving One Life at a Time" banner! Sooner or later the American Public is going to know the truth...about what is going on in puppy mills across our country. Thank you Sheila and Jeff Eckstein!

Sheila and Jeff wait for the march to begin.

The Puppers wait for the march to begin.

1000 people converging on the steps of the Capitol.

Yes, you bet...these folks are passionate.

Walking up the steps....

Tell it to them, people! Tell it to them!

Sheila and Jeff, our heroes!!! We are so proud of them!