And The Saints Went Marchin In!
The Florida Brat Pack that is! They are a finely tuned rescue machine under the direction of Florida Team leader Mary Domery at
These folks will do anything to save a Bichon, including calling the sheriff at MIDNIGHT!
We owe a special thanks to Maxine Hirsh at for allerting SPR to this rescue emergency!

Sparky was scheduled to be euthanized this morning at 6:00 A.M. Yikes! Florida Brat Pack member, Brant Cramer at only learned of Sparky's plight late last night!

This precious Bichon boy almost lost his LIFE for the crime of being in a shelter. Thank GOD for our Florida Rescue Team! What a save! Come read this exciting rescue story!

Subj: Sparky in Florida
Date: 7/26/2002 12:18:01 PM Central Daylight Time
From: (Brant Cramer)

Some of you know that we received a notice about a Bichon in the Lake County
Animal Control Shelter. The notice worked its way down late in the day.
Sparky was scheduled to be put down at 6:00 AM this morning. I got the news
about 9:30 last evening. I called the Sheriff at 12:00 Midnight and was
lucky to talk with a very pleasant and helpful person. She said OK, I will
ask them to hold him. Before 6:00, a Sheriff’s car went to the shelter and
we saved him.

He is a rather good looking neutered male, probably about 5 yrs. He has a
cataract in his left eye, and he has a skin problem on the top rear of his
back. Some hair is missing, and some is discolored brown, The rest of his
coat is healthy and white and typical Bichon. It is obvious this dog has
not had care for some time. His nails are about 1 inch log. He really
smells. I think he could use a bath every day for a week. I shampooed him
twice when we got home. He still smells like a kennel. He was
exceptionally good during the bath and blow-dry, very gentle and patient.
He appears to come when called, he could put JR to shame with his Bichon
Wave, and he dances. The brief encounter I allowed with my dogs went very
well. I will try to get a better photo later in the day.

This effort included all of the “Bratpack”, Pat, Pamme, and Brant.

We owe a special thanks to Maxine Hirsh
<> for contacting SPR on behalf of this little guy.
She happened to spot him yesterday while adopting another dog at the
shelter. She is not SPR, but knew what to do. Thanks Maxine, we will find
him the perfect home.


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