Mya's Story
What a difference a year Mya's Mom Cindy Huge, of Bakersfield California, at

A year ago I was living outside, in mud with no grass, and was always very hot. (Temperatures were over 100 degrees for 3 months straight with NO shade.)

Today I spend my days sleeping on my humom's comfy bed quilt with the air conditioning set at 78.

A year ago I had nothing to eat and when I did get food I had to fight with 22 other dogs to get some.

Today, I have my own feeding bowl that my humom fills twice a day for me.

A year ago I had filthy water to drink that caused my constant diarrhea.

Today, I have filtered cold water whenever I get thirsty.

A year ago my mouth ached from my rotten teeth.

Today, my mouth feels clean and my humom brushes my remaining 6 teeth everyday.

A year ago I ran and hid from the man who would do crude c-sections on me and never gave me anything for pain. Oh how I suffered.

Today, I am healed after my hysterectomy and will never again have to worry about my puppies and where they ended up.

A year ago I was kicked and shoved around by humans who only saw me as a means of income.

Today, I am held and petted as often and as long as I want to be. The 5 humans and various friends of theirs who enter my home are always eager to pet me. They say I have a very grateful look on my face.

A year ago I did not know the meaning of love.

Today, I am happy, loved and forever grateful to SPR for placing me with my family.

I may be old and deaf and can barely see but my family loves me and tells me that I will never ever have to leave here.

Thank you SPR for giving me this chance.