UPDATE! 1:42 P.M Thursday!
Zoey has just been adopted by fellow Small Pawsers, Joan and Pat Borders, (joanborders@aol.com) in Virginia! They have already adopted two of our Small Paws® Bichon babies! One is Ginny, a puppy mill rescue, and the other is Cassie, a Heart Murmur repair puppy!

Read the story that Pat Borders wrote about baby Cassie getting so much attention in the airports! This is Zoey's new Dad!

This is Joan, Zoey's new Mama, on their front porch with baby Cassie! Look at the two smiling faces looking out of the door...:)
I consider this placement to be a miracle of the Lord. Truly. Thank you all for praying for the perfect home for Zoey. We found it! Thank GOD! Ron and Christine were in tears
of joy when I called told them!

Free Trip to San Francisco, California for a Very Special One of You
I wrote this for you all on December 24, 2002 Christmas Eve

Hi you guys,
By the time that you all read this, another Christmas will have come and gone. The Christmas trees will have been taken down, and all of the beautiful ornaments will have been lovingly put away, to glow yet again, in Christmases yet to be.
Fellow Small Pawsers Ron and Christine Broderick, have invited my husband Dale, and me, to come and spend another Christmas with them in scenic Northern California. It is indescribable, the beauty of their home at Christmas time. You would just have to see it to believe it!
There are six Christmas Trees, and one of them is decorated in everything Bichonly!
I'm sitting here in the stillness of the morning, alone with my laptop computer, in Ron's office, (Rdbrod@AOL.com).
As I sit here typing to all of you, I look up to see a stunning view from a picture window, which overlooks the beautiful town of Santa Rosa, California. It is very early and the house is still dark, the lights of the city remain illuminated while people awake from their slumber. Dale is out running, there are no sounds coming from anyone in the house, and I feel as if I am alone, talking to very dear friends...you guys.
I want to come to you and speak to you, from deep within my heart.
I want to tell you about a very special little female Bichon, who needs a very special kind of home.
Yes, I know, you are thinking, "That Robin person is ALWAYS looking for special homes for Bichons..." and yes, you would be correct in that assumption.:)
But people, dear friends,... dear family...this is very different. Please let me tell you about one of the most special Bichons I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Tears are falling down my cheek as I write this to you now. I am telling you about these tears to let you know how very much, this special little girl has captured my heart, and forged her way into my very soul.
Yes, I love all Bichons, as do many of you. But you guys I am telling you...THIS is different. Please read on and look at this darling picture.

Zoey is seven years old. She weighs less than eight pounds. Zoey had a disk removed from her back about a year ago. While she was recovering, according to her vet records, she was dropped from an eight foot ledge in her previous owner's home.
Because of this, Zoey has spinal cord damage which cannot be surgically repaired. She has no control of her bowels or her urinary tract, and she must wear little doggie diapers.

Small Paws® (you guys) has paid for consults with an internist, a neurologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. They tell us nothing can be done for her, medically. On the phone with the doctors, I just came right out and asked if it was time to let Zoey go...to have her put to sleep, because of what I perceived to be a massive disability.
They told me, in no uncertain terms, that this little spirit loves life as few humans have learned to do. Her quality of life is very good. No, euthanasia was not recommended. Zoe is in no pain. In fact, her smile shines, for every one who meets her to see. (Zoey's doctors are most willing to speak with anyone who is giving serious consideration to her adoption.)
"All Bichons love life," I thought to my self. "Is a dog with this kind of problem, even placeable?"
Then, "yesterday" happened to me, and after meeting this special absolutely precious, Bichon spirit, I knew that something in me has been changed forever.
Let me tell you about my "yesterday."
When we arrived at the Broderick's home from the San Francisco airport, I walked in the door and immediately began calling the Broderick's dog's names. I felt like Santa himself..."On Gracie, on Sophie, on Pookie and Penny...on Millie on Ariel, on Sera and Chelsea..."
When what to my wondering eyes should appear...but a miniature Bichon...and her eyes were so dear.
I stopped in my tracks as I watched her make her way to me. I picked her up and she promptly pressed her tiny head, with large "doe eyes," into my shoulder.
We bonded in a heartbeat. I don't know if I have known her before...if our paths have crossed, if we have loved before. I only know this. The connection was so complete, so strong, that I am compelled to come and tell you all about it.
Zoey loves to be loved. Not in a needy way, but in an adorable way. She is a cuddle bunny, deluxe.
Make no mistake...if there was ANY physical way, I would now be the owner of seven...yes SEVEN dogs.
If there was even a POSSIBILITY Zoey would be mine, and her last name would be Pressnall. She would reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with Chipper, Spunky Monkey, Mozart, Bear, Bogey and Bart.
She would be my little girl, and I would be her Mom. THAT'S how special she is. You all know, I see thousands of Bichons, and yet I do not bring them home with me. This one is different.
But, this is NOT physically possible to bring Zoey home with us. You see, we have stairs every which way you turn, in our home. Our house has five levels. Zoey cannot maneuver stairs.
Also, we have tile on a good part of our main level, and Zoey cannot walk on wood floors or tile.

She NEEDS a carpeted, one story home. The Brodericks, also have wood floors, and stairs. Zoey needs carpet to walk.
Yes, Zoe can walk! When she has traction beneath her, a rug or carpet, she can get around wonderfully. Last night, I even saw her grab a stuffie, and wrestle it until it gave up!

But, when Zoey is on slippery wood floors, she twists her little body, and drags her bottom half behind her, and it is very distressing to see. It is distressing for US to see, but Zoey seems to have adopted an "Astro-gliding" procedure of transportation, and she seems to glide effortlessly across the floors.
The reason we need a carpeted home for her is this. The doctors tell us that the more she walks on carpet...the more her muscles will get stronger, and the more she will be able to walk normally. They advised against using a cart for her, as it will not encourage her to use her muscles.
Now, Zoey will never be normal. But on carpet, she will be able recover some muscle coordination.
You guys, I am asking you all...which one among you has this home to offer this precious baby? Which one of you has a carpeted home, on one story?
Zoey likes other dogs, but would do also very well as an only dog.
Let me tell you of the arrangements we can make for a very special one of you.
After an approved application, our Small Paws fairy dog pilots, Erik and Sharon Krask, will send a Buddy pass on Delta Airlines, to one of you, to fly from anywhere in the United States that Delta flies, round trip, to San Francisco, California.
From there, you will be transported on a very nice coach bus, on a short ride to the foothills of Santa Rosa, California. (Right near wine country!)
You will be met by Ron and Christine, and escorted back to their beautiful home, where you will be able to stay overnight, in the stunning Bichon Suite. This is a large room with a private bath and it is decorated in everything "Bichonly!"
You and Zoey will fly home to begin your new life with one of God's special angels. How I envy you! She will just love you forever!
Yes, Virginia, there is a place for Zoey. It is in the home and heart of a very special person, who will realize that physical appearances are not the most important thing. They will know that the heart and soul are the things that endure, and give us the greatest pleasure from life. I feel that the right person will know who they are, because I have been deep in prayer about this.
As most of you know, Mary Broderick, Ron and Christine's daughter, died suddenly at the age of 32, in Geneva Switzerland, last Sept 15.
As they celebrate the first Christmas without their daughter, Christine has told me of one thing she desire's for Christmas above all else.
She wants Small Paws® to find the most special of homes for little Zoey.
I pray that one of you can make this Christmas wish, come true for my dear friend, Christine, in the New Year. All my love, Robin
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