Wednesday, January 22, 2003
6:00 P.M.

Yesterday, I drove to from Tulsa Oklahoma, to Diamond, Missouri to pick up a broker reject Bichon puppy. We soon found out that this baby has what sounds like a grade five heart murmur. (heart murmurs are graded on size, from one to six)

Meet Chevy. His eyes tell you how very sick he is.
Chevy is five 1/2 months old, though he looks to be the size of a 9-10 week old Bichon puppy. Chevy does not move. He just lays still.

Normally, I come and tell you guys about these heart murmur babies. In this case, there was just no time.
I called my husband Dale, and asked him to pack a bag for me and meet me up at the vet's office in Tulsa. I knew if I hurried, I could still catch that last flight out of Tulsa, for Austin, Texas. I would arrive late, but the next morning, it would be a two hour drive on down to Texas A&M University, where we have already had so many successes with the heart murmur babies.

Small Paws® Rescue: The Heart Murmur Babies

Holly Moore, fourth year cardiology student at Texas A&M University Vet School (1-979-845-2351), takes Chevy's vitals. This baby just does not move.
Baby Chevy just does not feel one bit good.

While we were waiting in the waiting room, we meet this Yorkie, who had been attacked by a pit bull dog, and was lucky to come away with his life...he lost an eye and has a tube in his throat to drain where they did surgery.

We also met a young lady involved in Tortoise Rescue. This five year old Tortoise has an upper respiratory infection. They are going to try to save him.
They do not think that Chevy's heart murmur is a PDA...the kind so easily fixable.

This is not looking good folks.The student just called and said they are still consulting about Chevy, but that it looks like he does NOT have a PDA...or Pulmonic Stenosis. (What Hammie Had.)
Small Paws® Rescue: Hammie's Heart
She mentioned something called Ventricular Subdivision. Dr. Miller is doing the Echo this evening, and we should know something in the next three hours. The student asked if I was in a hotel where he could come home with me tonight, in case there is no procedure they can do for him.
You guys...I am scared and Chevy and I need your prayers. Please pray.
I have no idea what our bill will be yet. As soon as I have an estimate I will come and let you guys know. Right now, we need a GOD THING!

UPDATE 7:00 P.M.
Ok, Chevy has a "Ventricular Septal Defect" which means there is a hole in the wall that seperates the chambers of the heart in between the ventricals. It allows blood to go back and forth from the left side of the heart to flow to the right side.
The hole is underneath the aorta, the main blood vessel, which is causing a leak.
A portion of the valve is the aortic valve...there are three pieces of that valve. Amazingly, one of those leaflets has shifted and is now COVERING a portion of that hole, minimizing the blood that is flowing from the left to the right! (Which is a good thing or a GOD thing, which ever way you choose to think about it!)
His energy level has picked up and...believe it or not, they had to give him a sedative before they could do the echo on him! He is starting to be squirmy!
Doctors say it is better to leave it alone for now, but because of the risk in the future, it is going to require future evaluation in three more months. (Another echo and ultra-sound) He may actually live a normal life with it this way.
Worse case scenario is that it may require open heart surgery further down the line...which would run about $8500.00. (hearing this figure, I think my heart just missed a beat or two itself)
Dr. Arsenault has been there 2 1/2 years and has only seen this defect a very few times.
The bill so far is about $350.00.
We may be coming home tomorrow.
Please pray for a special home for this baby. It will take very special Bichon parents who have the means to monitor this baby throughout his whole life.