February 10, 2006

Operation Bring Them On Home

Why We Attend Puppy Mill Auctions

Letters from Adoptive Parents of Puppy Mill Auction Bichons

Read Eye Witness Accounts of a Dog Auctions from Three Small Pawsers

These are the teeth of some of the Bichons we have gotten from auction.

This is a sample of a commercial kennel. This is one of the nicer commercial kennels.

On February 10, 2006, in less than one week, there will be a commercial kennel auction in the state of Missouri.

There are 28 Bichons in waiting.


Small Paws® Rescue: Why We Attend Commercial Kennel Auctions

They say there is no profit in breeding Bichons anymore. They say the orders from the brokers for Bichons are down...meaning the orders from the Pet Shops for Bichons are down.

It appears that all of our education is paying off...but now, these Bichons need to come home instead of being sent back out to yet another commercial kennel and begin this breeding cycle all over again.

The Humane Society of the United States says that one female dog and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 dogs in just six short years. These 28 Bichons may be capable of producing up to 1,876,000 more badly bred Bichons.

If these Bichons stay in the commercial kennels, or go to pet shops as puppies, we will be seeing these huge numbers of Bichons needing rescue in just a few short years. Even if only 10% of the estimated figures were to breed, we would be looking at over 187,000 badly bred Bichons being born in the next few years.

We have a choice here. We can get them out...or let them go back into other commercial kennels and back into the system. These Bichons would go back and replenish all that we have removed.

Overwhelmingly, time and time again, you have told us that auction rescue from the commercial kennels is supported by the majority of Small Pawsers.
If you want us to get these 28 Bichons, we need your help. Click here to make a tax deductible donation, securely, on your major credit card.

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Small Paws® Rescue is listed in Guidestar's list of Federal-Not-For Profit Organizations!

If you want us to send a team in to get these Bichons, we need your help. We can't do this without your help.

Auction funds are raised separately from our general funds.

Small Paws® Rescue is listed in Guidestar's list of Federal-Not-For Profit Organizations!

This letter was written by one of our previous commercial kennel buyers...

Hi Everybody!
Most of you only know us as "xxxxx rescue." Robin has done an excellent job of keeping our identities secret because of the work we do. We are some of the undercover buyers at puppymill auctions. We are not Bichon parents, but have fostered a few. We are very proud to be able to help you guys out for several reasons; the biggest reason is that you guys have almost got them all out of Missouri mills! It's true, there are fewer and fewer breeders continuing to raise Bichons. They tell us that there's no money in it anymore. (LOL) All of the dogs at these sales really touch our hearts, and we wish we could get them all out of there, but the one that touched us the most thus far was Baby Satchmo. I knew when I first saw him in that cage at the auction, there was a possible PDA. When I finally got to hold him, I could feel it. When Robin announced he did have PDA, we prayed right along with all of you for his recovery. In October, there be auctions. There will be Bichons. We want to get them all out of there and get them into loving homes that will love them and treat them the way God intended.

For those of you who have never been to a puppymill or attended a kennel auction, it's hard to describe the horror. At one auction (not in Mo.) we witnessed the piles of burned bodies of those dogs that weren't considered "sellable." We've seen puppies actually born on the auction table, and then passed around for everyone to see. Tobye, one of our xxxxx rescues, had his toes pulled off with pliers so he couldn't run from the breeder. The sad truth is, we could go on for pages relating the horrors these animals are subjected to, and still, without seeing it and experiencing it for yourself, you may never understand. In 1997 we participated in a rescue at a forced mill closure. Dogs had actually been buried alive in fecal matter from the cages above theirs. In fact, none of the dogs in the bottom two rows of cages survived.
Many rescue organizations refuse to save these dogs in auctions. The thought being "this is putting money in the miller's pockets". The reality is, the auctions we attend no longer provide "cheap" breeding stock for exploitation. We in fact do occasionally get outbid, but that buyer has paid dearly for his right to exploit that dog. (We like to think they have to get a 2nd mortgage on their trailer house and their pickup truck to beat us on a bid LOL) The fact remains that in any business, if the cost of operation becomes too great, the business will fail. It's that simple. In the state of Missouri, a breeder's access to cheap breeding stock Bichons has ended. The choice is now yours, do you allow these dogs to be divided amongst several smaller breeders so that the cycle begins again, or do we BRING THEM ON HOME?

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