February 7, 2003
The Valentine's Rescue

A Commercial Kennel auction took place in Wheaton, Missouri, with 33 of our beloved Bichon on the auction block. Thanks to all of you, we were able to bring ALL 33 on home!
Here are the first pics!

Our auction team arrived at our vet's office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. carrying 33 precious Bichon lives!

A side view of some of our precious cargo!

Yours truly holding baby "Woo." (As in Pitching Woo)
All of these babies will receive Valentine names!

Baby Woo and his littermate.

First pics of some of the puppies!

"We want OUT and we is hungry too!"

Two more babies...

We got them inside from the cold.

They don't even know it yet. They hit the jackpot today.

We had babies everywhere!

Two of the adults have a severe sore of some kind. It may be a burn.:(

A close-up. These will be going to the dermatologist.

The sores seem to have some sort of blue tissue around the area.

We kept litters together. These two are siblings.

A family of four.


More dinner!
Soon we will have them all named and photos of them individually. Stay tuned!

My Funny Valentine
My funny Valentine, sweet comic Valentine,
You make me smile with my heart,
Your looks are laughable, un-photographical,
Yet you're my favourite work of art . . .

Is your figure less than Greek ?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak, are you smiling?
But don't change a hair for me,
Not if you care for me.
Stay little valentine, stay!
Each day is Valentine's Day . . .

~ featured in the 1955 Hollywood musical "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes"
Music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Lorenz Hart, 1937