On Sunday February 15,2003, we began the transport of 22 adult Bichons, and 2 puppies, all rescued from commercial kennels. Small Pawsers from Minnesota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Texas, will have participated in this mass transportation run before it is all over.
The following loving volunteers drove cross country all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to drive these babies to their new foster homes with fellow Small Pawsers!:)
Sharyn and Greg Sarvela at ssarvela-hugo@prodigy.net
Lori Foster at Abichon@aol.com
Lynn Ramos at wramos3126@aol.com.
Lynn is from Sheltering Tree Animal Rescue Society in Lawton, Oklahoma, and volunteered to do this run for Small Paws®! They all met early this morning in frigid temperatures and snow, up at our vet's office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 24 Bichons went to foster homes, and permanent homes throughout our country. These are the pictures of this Exodus.

Cindy Leigh posed with a precious fluff.

Our vet-tech, Kathy holds "Cupid" before he is loaded into a traveling crate.

Sharyn Sarvela holds "Lovey", one of the puppies to be adopted by a Small Pawser who is grieving in Florida.

Lori Foster holds holds "Candy", one of the puppies to be adopted by a Small Pawser who is grieving in Alabama.

Bon-Bon is ready to be loaded into his crate. He will be fostered with Dave Held in Minnesota!

"Angel" is ready to be loaded up.

Shayn Sarvela and my husband Dale get ready to load another of these miracle Bichons!

Lori Foster and Lynn Ramos from Sheltering Tree Animal Rescue Society help to plan who goes where. Our vet, Dr. David Russell watches in the background. He helped to put crates together, and to load our babies!:)

Lori and Cindy with loading assignments in hand.

Yours truly making labels for the crates, stating the Bichon's name, the foster parents name and state.