Stories and Pictures from a few of the adoptive families of DA PUPPIES!
These puppies were all part of this rescue.
Small Paws® Rescue: The Wheaton Rescues of Feb, 7, 2003

All are printed with permission.

Alessandra meets her new baby at the airport. This is their first kiss...

Guido comes out of his crate to meet the world and his new Moma!

Subj: Guido
Date: 2/23/2003 10:44:54 AM Central Standard Time

Good morning ladies!

Just a couple of lines to let you know that Hershey (whose name is now Guido) is doing great. After being somewhat timid last night at the airport (I had so many people welcoming him with me that you would have thought a royalty was coming to Fayetteville), he soon came out of his shell, and I can honestly tell you that this puppy does not have a single shy bone in his body. Not even half I mean.

When we got home, he started chasing Cookie and running around like a mad man from one end of the house to the other. Cookie probably thought it was a nightmare, she didn't know whether to bark or to just have me pinch her to let her know she was only dreaming. It took her a while to be as hospitable as a good lady from the south should be, and to be honest she still has a lot of work to do on her manners. Who knows, maybe she is really from NY.

My good intention of letting him sleep in the crate I bought him lasted about 8 minutes, because the second time he came to my side of the bed and begged to come up, I picked him up and told him "Come to mama you little goofball!!!" :-)
He has some adorable beige spots on his back and on his tail, and both of his ears are of that color as well. Robin told me that it will grow white eventually, but I think he looks really cute that way, it just adds to his tomboy personality. I was telling my friend that I should have called him O.J., not because I am a particularly big fan of the guy, but because he is so cute he could get away with murder!

By the way, he is a little porkster too, because when he was done eating his food, he dashed to Cookie's bowl and finished hers up as well (maybe that's why she forgot her manners with him!). And his paws are huuuge, are you sure you didn't give me a white German Shepherd puppy? :-)

Whatever he is, he is a little white blessing, and now he is part of our family. I look forward to many more sleepless nights trying not to wake him up when he positions himself between my legs, and I will send you some pics as soon as I get them ready.

Thank you for giving him a loving family, and for giving me me one more reason to smile every day, because I have no doubt in my mind that this puppy was sent to me by Sally through you guys...


Romeo...the oldest of the puppies at 11 mos. named Ricky.

Rikki and his new sister, Lucy at home.

Subj: ricky(romeo) and his new sister
Date: 3/10/2003 3:05:17 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3

Here is Romeo's new picture--look at his new haircut. We now call him Ricky since he has a sister named Lucy. He's doing great and gosh do we love him. We are so thankful for your rescue efforts for you bring a lot of love and joy into our hearts. Thanks again. Shirley and Mike Reilly

Subj: Yogi (formerly known as Bailey)
Date: 2/24/2003 4:59:06 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3

Hi Robin,
Bailey got a new name when he moved here with us. My boys wanted a baseball name and the girls wanted a bear name, so Yogi it is.
He is the sweetest thing on this earth. I was in love the minute I saw him! He had a great flight to DFW and was so tired from his day's events that he actually slept through the first night in his crate next to my bed. His feet have hardly hit the floor with all of us wanting to hold him.
Yogi is soooo smart. He is already catching on to potty training and seems to already know what "want to go out?" means. I'm sure I got the smartest puppy or is that just a new mom talking!
Thank you so much for the opportunity of having this new baby. What you all do is so special. It's true what you said about this little puppy helping to mend some broken hearts.
We will keep you updated. Terry Abernathy

Candy, now known as Maggie

Subj: Candy now known as Maggie
Date: 2/23/2003 2:24:14 PM Central Standard Time
To: Pup3

We have changed Candy's name to Maggie and I think it fits her very well. She is such a doll and a joy to have around. Millie is adjusting, little by little. It is just amazing how well Maggie has fit in with our family. When I went to pick her up, I could hardly "catch" her. She was very shy and scared. Now she is amazing. You'd think she had lived her all her life.

Here's a picture of Maggie that was taken on Thursday. We got her on Wednesday. You can tell from the picture that she knows she's made the right decision to join our family. Hahaha

Merry and Widdle Millie and Maggie

Lovey and Precious, both SPR rescued Bichons!

Date: 2/23/2003 7:43:58 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Sandy Strawley)

Dear Robin,

You have heard by now that we have Lovey home. And she is the HEART HEALER you said she would be and that Cindy described. Words cannot convey how we feel at this time. We are ecstatic. She is laying at my feet taking a break.....probably not too long, then she'll be up, up & away! She's our 6-lb "superpup"! It was great meeting Brant & Edith and their son Michael, and their bichons & havanese. They are nice, nice people, and you can tell they really enjoy their work with Small Paws®. When we made arrangements for picking up Lovey, Brant asked if we could deliver another rescue,Precious, to Kathy in Ft Myers since it is only an hour away from where we live. Of course, we said we would be happy to help. Little did we know how precious she is. That face! Well I think you know the rest of the
story.........we would like to adopt Precious. We just adore her. Will
we need to submit an adoption application? I can send the adoption fee as
soon as possible, probably Monday. Is it the same as Lovey?

And we now have named our babies: Lovey is Schatzie, which means 'little
sweetheart' in German (Edith, Brant's wife, called her that and we thought
it fit. Precious is Aimee, which means 'beloved' in French.

Thank you for allowing these 2 babies to come into our lives to know joy and
laughter again......

Love to you all, Sandy

Cheri with her new little girl and her new Bichon sister, SPR rescue, Maggie Rose!

Subj: Cheri/Muller
Date: 2/22/2003 5:53:12 PM Central Standard Time
Hi All:
Baby Bichon Cheri, one of the 6-month-old Wheaton rescues left Tulsa yesterday and arrived sunny Phoenix at 1:35, and was in my arms by 2 p.m. She is a real sweetie! We now call her Phoebe Snow! I have attached a zip file containing about 5 digital photos all taken yesterday afternoon. She doesn't know it yet, but she has landed in "puppy paradise." (Robin, you have my permission to use any photo for your email list.) Day 2 is going great!

We have been blessed with such loving fluffers to help heal our hearts over our beloved bichon, Prancing Miss Bonnie, who passed away at age 10--just 8 weeks ago:(

My entire family thanks you for giving us such precious gifts! We love you!

Linda Muller
and the rest of the Muller Gang:
John, Natalie, Valerie, SPR Maggie Rose and SPR Phoebe Snow
and waiting at the bridge our angel bichons Prancing Miss Bonnie and Chloe Bear.

Bekye with her new baby,"Robin Faith" previously named "Cherish."

Subj: Re: ROBIN BLITZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 2/23/2003 10:49:44 PM Central Standard Time
From: (Bekye Walker)

Just now read it ... you are a true storyteller with impeccable flair ... I
was THERE and if I'd stayed up all night writing I couldn't hold a candle to your version! My favorite part was the Mutant Clydesdales ... :)

The Oklahoma Blinding Blizzard of '03.

Just saying thank you is so inadequate ... for the first time since Suzi was
diagnosed I felt the visegrip in my chest loosten a little ... and found
myself smiling and laughing without even trying. Your kindness and
thoughtfulness, and Dale's, are beyond anything I have ever known. If God
had given me the sister I'd always prayed for, I couldn't have wished for
anyone nicer than you. I know you don't believe it, but you are truly

And Dale is very bit as wonderful as you've always said he was ... he is
truly a kind person, through and through, and I just think it's the coolest
thing how he looks at you with so much love in his eyes. I was sitting
across from the two of you at lunch today and thinking, this is really
beautiful ... there was so much genuine love there. :) So many people go
through their entire lives never finding anything even remotely close to

Robin and Leaky Billy are now racing each other, retrieving everything from
the floor in the living room, and piling it all on one of the punkin beds in
the hallway. I'm sure there is some reason for this that only little white
fluffs know. :)

I love you, and thank you for the most beautiful gift I have ever received.
I will love and cherish her always, and I promise to spoil her properly. :)

Bekye & the Living Floor Mops

In Loving Memory of Suzi Elizabeth ~ 10/18/92-2/17/03

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Music and lyrics by Dick Manning
and Al Hoffman, 1956
Adapted from Chabrier's España