Baby Buckwheat: Heart Healer Extaordinaire

Baby Buckwheat was a Puppy Mill Broker reject because he had an over bite. Closer inspection revealed that two lower teeth were impacted causing his bottom jaw not to grow.

We corrected this with dental surgery, but he will always have a bit of an over bite.

This baby was scheduled to go to another family of fellow Small Pawsers, who had just taken in a grieving orphan who had just lost her parents.

As the date grew closer for us to send this baby, we got the following e-mail.

>Subj: Adoption
Date: 8/1/2002 8:09:32 PM Central Daylight Time

Hi Robin,
I'm the one who asked about adopting the puppy for my "foster" daughter, Jennifer. Jennifer was going to be living with us, but plans may be changing. She may have to move to Pennsylvania to be closer to her biological brother. Anyway, after reading your last update and seeing that our "mourner" may be leaving, it seems that others may benefit from the love of this cutie-pie. I would love to have him but I don't want to be selfish.

Thanks for your updates. I love to read them. God bless you.
Mom to Cody, star of stage and screen (AKA: Beasley)>

I knew Pat was talking about Ardys, at Buckwheeeeat@aol.comwho was grieving for her baby, SPanKY. I asked Pat if she was sure about this, and she answered back for me to offer this baby to Ardys. She just knew this was the thing we should do.

I called Ardys and though it had only been a few days since she lost Spanky, I gathered enough (gulp) courage to tell her about this new baby boy.

Ardys told me she would agree to see pictures. (Very good sign! HAHA!) She told me she did not want and could not think of getting another dog, (especially a puppy) for a long time, but that when she could, she promised it would be a RESCUE...and the more imperfect the better!

And now that Zena, Warrier Princess has cast the deciding vote for adopting him...Well, now you may all congratulate Ardys, because she has officially adopted "Baby Buckwheat". This was her post on the AOL Bichon Board about him!

Subject: harrow, everybichon!
Date: 8/8/2002 9:19 AM Central Daylight Time
From: Buckwheeeeat

God was so pppleased with the SPanKster's pranks and 'cwazy wife on eawff' that He and SPanKY joined fffforces to play a bigggg joke on Arrrdys. I bbe Buckwheat, anotherr Li'l Rascal and I'm 9 weeks old, and gots the overbite and nose of an anteater. Sssmall Paws resscued me from a ppuppy mill and though I
was sssposed to go to sommeone ellllse, them SPR ladies be ffffinaglein (I'm a baby not a sssspellin bee connntestant) it so I gots to be fffostered by Ardysss. God and SSPanKY be a gigglin at that. Anyways, Zena be real sad about losin SPanKY and even thouggh Ardyssss feeds me and cleans up after me, it is Zeeeeena who wants to keep me! To the amazzement of everyone, she loves me and plays with me and lets me chew on her lips, tail, face, jump
all over her and blitz 'round and 'round and 'rrrround her. And nobody's evvvvver hit it off with Zena like this!! I'm a growwlin, blitzin madman, anything that's made of paper is shredded beyond recognitionnnnn, and last night at couzzin AAAALfie's I even stood up on my 1" hind legs and waved at him! I've learned the word "NO" and learned that it means to stop what I'm doin unntillll Arrdys looks away, and I poop outside. And I poop inside,
everywhere - hahaha. We little ones are in tune with Greaaaater things, yanno, and SPaNKyyyyy's sendin me little tips and advice. Anywayyys, I ain't got much of a commmmmunication style yet, cause I got a sttttttutter, but I wanted to tell you guys that Zena has adopted me as her little buddy and baby and it looks like I'm hhhhere to stay, if Ardyssss likes it or not!
Bbbaby Buckey Buckwheat
Da adopted baby of Lovely Zena,
sent and appppointed by God
and ssstrivin to someday fill the ssshoes of Angel SPPPPPanKY

Baby Buckwheat you have it made in the shade!

Baby Buckwheat practicing eating a shoe.

Baby Buckwheat laughing.

Buckwheat and his toy puppy.
I told Baby Buckwheat, when I handed him to his new Mama that he had some mighty big shoes to fill. Mighty Big indeed.:)

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