Cassidy's Heart
August 21, 2002
Read Cassie's New Dad's Beautiful Tribute

Cassidy has been adopted by Joan and Pat Borders at They lost their 16 year old Bichon named Gizmo, in April. They have been waiting for a baby like this to adopt. Cassidy's new name will be "Cassie". Please pray everything goes well in surgery!

Baby Cassidy is in need of surgery to repair a leaking hole in her heart...a grade four heart murmur. She was born in a commercial kennel in Missouri on April 30, 2002. She should be larger. (She weighs 3.2 pounds now) We believe her heart murmur is keeping her from growing as fast as she should be growing.

She has beautiful dark halos that look like she has been playing in the mascara.

She is presently hospitalized at the Small Animal Clinic of Tulsa at 1-918-749-VETS.

Dr. Russell listens to Cassidy's heart.

We need to take Cassidy down to Texas A&M University for this surgery. The cost for the surgery and the trip down and back will be about $1800.00. Thanks to your support, we have saved many Bichons this way.

Small Paws® Rescue:The Heart Murmur Reunion Babies

Without your help, Cassidy will not make it for long. Without you, we do not have he funds to save her life. Can you help us one more time to save yet one more Heart Murmur baby? After the surgery, Cassidy would have a normal life with a normal life span.
We have a tentative appointment for Cassidy at Texas A&M Veterinary School, The Small Animal Clinic, at 979-845-3232, for next Tuesday morning, August 27, 2002.

UPDATE August 27, 2002 6:30 P.M.
We are down here at Texas A&M University. At first, after radiographs yesterday, they thought that Cassidy did NOT have a PDA heart murmur, but rather a murmur caused by stenotic pulmosis...just like the one that Hammy had.
Small Paws® Rescue: Hammie's Heart
We put backup plans in place in case that was the diagnosis. Dr. Cynthia Ragsdale, Hammie's Mom was going to drive up here and pick this baby up, take her home, and wait for the valve to be ordered for her valve surgery.

Today, Dr Sonia Gordon, Cardiologist, did the echo-cardiogram which diagnosed...drum roll please...a PDA!:) This means Cassidy is scheduled for surgery tomorrow afternoon!

There it is!:) Dr. Gordon points to the murmur on the screen. A PDA is great because it is fixable and they have the parts and the staff right there to do it now!:) Hopefully, I can bring this baby home with me on Friday!

Dr. Gordon conducts the echo-cardiogram while 4th year vet students, Bridget and Andrea watch in the background.

The plan is this. Cassidy weighs about 3.5 pounds. They have ordered a set of extra small coils for her, to be sent to them overnight delivery. These will arrive tomorrow before 10:100 A.M.
They are going to see if she is big enough to coil her. If not, they will take her on through the surgery doors, where surgeons will be on standby to do the crack the chest open surgery.
Either way...please pray! I know they are so good..and I know they know what they are doing! I would rather be here with her than anywhere! Even so...please pray! She has a new mama waiting on pins and needles!:) More later as it occurs.:) Love,Robin
UPDATE August 28, 2002
Well, we are not having surgery today for little Cassidy down here at Texas A&M, today
The part (the set of extra small coils they need) did not come in the overnight delivery like it was supposed to.:(
They are going to give it until noon tomorrow, and if it does not come in, they're going to have to go ahead and crack the chest open and go in that way. If they don't, there are not going to be any surgeons left here this weekend to do it! Yipes! Please pray for this baby and the doctors who will be working on her!

UPDATE August 29, 2002 5:00 P.M.
CASSADY MADE IT THROUGH SURGERY! They did the coil technique with the smaller coil and it went wonderfully! This is the smallest dog they have ever coiled here...3.5 pounds!
Here are the pictures...

Getting prepared for anethesia...

Lots of machines...

Lots of instruments...

Dr. Sonja Gordon, Cardiologist, operates...

Dr Gordon AND Dr. Matt Miller both worked on this one since it is the smallest coil they have ever done here at A&M! WHEW!:)

Here Baby Cassady is in ICU with the warmer on her to warm her body temp back up...

Cassidy is waking up in ICU. I can taker her home tomorrow afternoon and we should arrive in Tulsa on Saturday about noon! Thanks to all who helped with this lifesaving rescue! Cassady has a great home to go to and she is loved already by her new Mom and Dad!

Update! September 2, 2002
On Saturday August 31, Cassie's new dad, Pat Border, flew here to Tulsa and picked up his new baby girl!

My husband Dale puts baby Cassie into Pat's waiting arms!

I think he LIKES her!

Baby Cassie at her new home in Va. with her new Mom, Joan. In the background peeking out are Ginnie, (Small Paws® Rescue 2000), and three year old Daphne.
Baby Cassie has it made in the shade! Have a wonderful life, Cassie! You have a lot of people who love you!

Cassies Godparents, (and fellow Small Pawsers) Nan Fariss and her Husband welcome baby Cassie to the family. Look at the cake that Nan made!

Spoiled Rotten I tell you!:)