Mikey, beloved and gone too soon.

"Mikey" 4/30/02 - 9/12/02

Mikey came into rescue in New York City. He was 4 1/2months old with a grade five (Grade five out of 1-6) PDA heart murmur. A hole in his heart was leaking blood. He needed surgery or he would not make it much longer.

We took him to a cardiologist on Long Island who attempted the surgery, but sadly, Mikey did not survive.
Small Pawsers everywhere weep with Mikey's foster Mom, Stephanie at DANCINBLVD@aol.com.

"In Memory of Mikey 4/30/02 - 9/12/02

On 9/12/02 Mikey passed away a few hrs after having his heart surgery. I miss him so much. I only fostered him for a few weeks but I will never forget him. He was a very sweet and lively 4 1/2 month old puppy considering the grade 5 heart murmur he had. He loved to cuddle with my 1 yr old bichon JJ . I know I did everything I could for him from taking good care of him, having my priest bless him and everyone praying for him. I guess its one of these God things that he needed him home in heaven. I want to thank Small Paws® for giving me the opportunity to be blessed to have him in my life for 2wks as hard as it was to give him up in this way. Make you rest in peace in heaven Mikey, love your foster mom Stephanie"

Mikey being blessed by Steph's priest.

Mikey at the computer.