Operation Move Dem Babies!!
(These are all temporary names for paperwork only and we would never expect any of these babies to actually LIVE with these silly names! HAHA!

Sharon and Greg Sarvela at ssarvela-hugo@prodigy.net drove 13 hours from Minnesota to Oklahoma to pick up eight recent rescues and deliver them to loving foster homes along the way home! Here we are loading up at 6:45 in the morning!

Sharon cuddles "Krispy"...("Kreme" already flew to California yesterday, to a maternity foster home)

Butterball. (Thanksgiving names you know)

"Yammy". (Goes with Butterball...
get it?)

"Casper" (Halloween is right around the corner) wears a cone to keep him from chewin' his stitches. He DOAN like it one bit neither.:(

"Smokey" (Nothing to do with Thanksgiving or Autumn, but one of our supporters quit smoking and donated her cigarette money to the auction to purchase these baby's freedom and asked for us to name one of the males 'Smokey"!!)

Sooner had a huge tumor removed from his back, thus the cone.

Dasani is done having babies. No more babies for her.

Melvin is one fuzzy boy!

Thanks to Reid and Sierra, Dave and Teresa, Larry and Deborah, Cindy, Varina and Dick, and Greg and Sharon for opening their hearts and their homes to these rescued Bichons!