Operation: Blanket the Fluffs!
For more information contact
Paula at PaulaBelyea@gmail.com

9 year old Gigi likes these blankies!

15 year old Small Paws® Rescue "Sable" says thanks for all of the donated fabrics!

Some of our volunteers have some pretty special hidden talents! They are the very special ladies of Small Paws® Rescue known as "The Blanketeers!"
Each adopted Small Paws® Rescue baby receives a beautiful hand made with love, recieving blanket, made by the blanketeers!

Some of the blankets made by the Small Paws® Rescue Blanketeers
If you would like to particpate in this heart WARMING program, this is how you can do that!











We have been enjoying making sure that each of the
fluffs, adopted since
the program began, has it's own little blankie and
from responses we've
had we know the fluffs love them. 
Now, with the help of
an ever-growing group of
seamstresses, we are rolling right along and have
blankies going all over the country.

To help make the program self supporting we have
blankets for sale in the gift shoppe
Proceeds from these are used to help pay for
batting and postage and fabric for more blankies.
We've had members
helping by donations of fabric, and their donations
have been much
appreciated. Thank You, thank you, thank you.
You've been angels.

How about if you'd like to help but don't have a
stash of fabric?
Here's what I told one member who wanted to go out
and buy some for us
to use:

Thank you so much for wanting to contribute to the

blankies. You are an
angel. Unless you already have these materials you
want to send, may I
make a suggestion? Rather than go shopping and pay
the post office to
mail the fabric to one of the seamstresses, how
about letting us shop?
The Blanketeers go to Wal Mart and JoAnn's, find
the $1 a yard table or clearance sales, and can get
a lot of materials
for what you might pay just in postage to send a
small box of material. A
donation to SPR, earmarked for the blanket fund, in
the amount of what
you would have been willing to spend on fabric and
postage, would go
ever so much farther than if you were to go shop
and mail it. This also
helps with purchase of batting and thread and
postage to mail the
blankies to the fluffs. Donations made to SPR,
earmarked for the
blanket fund, will find their way to us.

If you do have some fabric you would like to mail -
or if you would
really enjoy choosing some wonderful fabric for us,
we'd be very
grateful, and will put it to good use. To be most
useful, a piece of
fabric at least 2/3 yard is the very best, or a
remnant at least
24"x24". Any smaller, and it goes to the bottom of
the pile for
piecing sometime in the future :-) We can use woven
cottons (or
cotton/poly blends), cotton flannel, lightweight
denim, and fleece.

dynmyte@gorge.net for the name and address of
a seamstress who can use your fabric.


Here's That Rainy Day
Maybe I should have saved
those left-over dreams
funny, but here's that rainy day!

Here's that rainy day
they told me about
and I laughed at the thought
that it might turn out this way!

Where is that worn-out wish
that I threw aside,
after it brought my lover near?

Funny how love becomes
a cold rainy day
funny, that rainy day is here!

Funny how love becomes
a cold rainy day
funny . . .
that rainy day is here!

Music by Jimmy Van Heusen
with lyrics by Johnny Burke , 1953