February 23, 2003
It was a dark and snowy day that will be remembered for centuries to come as "the blinding Oklahoma blizzard of '03."
Oklahoma's Newschannel 8 - Snow Returns To Green Country
The snow was thigh deep, (well, it WAS thigh deep for Spunky Monkey...

and it seemed it was getting deeper with each passing minute.

Bekye Walker, braved Mother Nature's Oklahoma wrath to drive from Dallas, Texas, to Tulsa,Oklahoma to retrieve her new family member, a darling Bichon puppy whom she has named Robin Faith.
Now, to understand the seriousness of the sacrifice that Bekye made, driving to our home on this day, one has to understand what snow means to Oklahomans.
We are Okies, not snowbunnies. We haven't a clue how to maneuver in the stuff. When snow falls in Oklahoma and we are driving, we just stop where we are, cover our eyes, and pray we don't die.
As I say, the snow was up to our waists, and it was getting deeper with each passing story.
As Bekye approached the street to our home, since the snow was now over 2 stories high, her car became stuck, and we had to send out Super Bichon Dad, Dale to dig her out with a bulldozer, and bring her home on a horse drawn sleigh, pulled by two mutant Clydesdale's who were each 22 feet tall. (Otherwise they would have suffocated as the snow was now deep enough to cause problems for low flying aircraft.)
Dale and Bekye got back to our house, skied across our front walkway, whose steps had long since disappeared in the snow, and walked through the front door, where Bekye's new baby was waiting.

It was love at first site for both, and Bekye spent the afternoon laughing and smiling at her new baby girl.

Now I have to tell you about yet another show of love made by this Bichon Mom.
Bekye is originally from MIAMI FLORIDA. Bekye arrived in the Blizzard of 03, wearing sandals and socks. IS THIS NOT LOVE I ASK YOU???
Robin Faith (Yes the name was Bekye's idea, no matter how much I blushed or her new puppy rolled her eyes) was rescued from this commercial kennel auction, by Small Pawers everywhere.
Small Paws® Rescue: The Wheaton Auction Rescues 2/07/03
Had she not been rescued, Robin Faith would have lived her life in a puppy mill as a breeder.
Now, instead she has the chance of a lifetime to live with one of the greatest canine Moms ever known to man.
I know that Bekye's beloved Suzi,

is smiling down on her Mama right now, knowing that she is giving another Bichon, the kind of loving home that she, herself had.

I also know that Suzi is blitzing with the Lord of Lords, and King of Kings at the site of her Mama smiling again!
Little Robin Faith...you enjoy your new Mama! Everyone needs a Mama and you have a doozy. Help to heal her broken heart!
You will hear about this blizzard and how she risked it all to come and get you for the rest of your days, especially each and every time you do something wrong (which I know you will never ever do). Love, Your Auntie Robin

Pointers for Little Robin Faith

Cry till you get picked up whether you need anything or not.
Random crying will keep your Mama on her toes.

Sleep all day. Remember, nighttime is quality time
and you'll want to be awake for it.

Be a fussy eater. You may grow up to be a gourmet.
Don't just burp. Always give her something solid.

Find the newest and most tender shoes to chew on.
The heck with the old tough ones!

When soiling the carpet,
be sure to hold a little back for when it is all cleaned up.

Don't be afraid to take advantage of your cuteness!
It let's you get away with almost anything!

If you follow these basic pointers,
you'll have your new Mom, Bekye Walker,
trained by the time you are a teenager!

Welcome to your new family, from Aunt Robin, Uncle Dale, Bogey, Bart, Bear, Mozart, Spunky Monkey, and Chipper Pressnall