Results of Commercial Kennel Auction of March 29, 2003
Thanks to your support we were able to get all four Bichons up on the auction block!

I drove over towards Mo. today to pick them up today and BRING THEM ON HOME!

Here they are!!

Meet "Higgins", the precious Bichon puppy with the broken leg! He was born 12/11/02. This is what the auction bill said about him.

"He has a stiff back leg, from being broken as a pup. Vet said it would not affect his breeding."

He is getting MUCH NEEDED medical care for that leg now! We won't know till the ortho guy sees him, if it can even be repaired after all of this time.

He does put weight on it. He is as snuggly as a baby as you will every meet!

No, you aren't seeing things. Andre is a giant Bichon. Another one of the Bichons we see in the commercial kennels that are so far out of confirmation (yes he has AKC papers) that they look like another breed. (I was thinking Sheep Doggie!) Andre is only eight months old and was born on 08/27/02. I hope he is through growing! He weighs 24 pounds and could stand to gain a few pounds. (I offered to donate in case you are wondering) He is VERY happy and would be wonderful with a family with kiddos!

In case you aren't getting the jest of just how large Andre he is with Clover, another auction save...

Meet "Honeysuckle"! She was born 07/23/02 and is 8 months old. Thank GOD we saved her from a lifetime of breeding!

Meet Clover, born on 07/01/00. He has bitten and will need to go through biter rehab and be placed with an adult home with at least one other home. Bless his little heart. He isn't even two yet.

This is the letter we got from one of our auction team members.

Robin--whew, a long day--the Bichons were third from last, so we didn't get out of there until 5:30. Believe it or not, all four of them have pretty good teeth and clean ears! They are all clean except for the little girl. She isn't too bad, just not as clean as the others. She is pretty shy, but responds to petting. The little guy with the stiff leg is sweet as can be--a little shy but not bad and very loving. The other male pup is HUGE--you can probably tell the difference in size from one of these pictures. He is also very friendly. The adult male is extremely shy--just cowers at the back of the crate. He hasn't eaten, but all the others chowed down immediately. Maybe once we go to bed and it's quiet, he'll calm down enough to eat. That's the lowdown on these guys for now. Will report more tomorrow when we've had more time to observe and interact with them.