April 19, 2003
The Easter Parade Rescues!

The following Bichons we rescued from a commercial kennel auction on April 19 by the supporters of Small Paws® Rescue!

First, we have the four Bichon puppies and one $10.00 4 year old Beagle that Susan Sebring, the Vice-President of Small Laws rescued! Turn up your speakers!

These are the 14 Bichons that we rescued from Wheaton Mo, on April 19! The GREAT news is that the commercial kennel owner who had these dogs must have been fairly good to them.Thank GOD they came to us instead of another mill. They are not showing the bad cases of the concentration campitus we see in so many of the dogs from the commercial kennels.They seem pretty happy! Maybe they know they just won the lottery.:)
This breeder is now OUT of the Bichon business!

The BAD news is we went WAY over Budget and need help to pay for these babies.

"Help us! Help Us", she explained....

Backing up to the vet's office in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

14 fluffy white Bichon with the new last name of "Small Paws®!"

Ready to come out of bondage and into the land of milk and honey!

"Hey, this looks like a five star hotel! Not bad at ALL! DO they have ROOM SERVICE?"

"We are singggging with joy in our hearts! LALALALALALALAAAAAA..."

One of our nine year old pregnant rescues. This is the last time THAT is going to happen!

Here are their names and Birthdates!

82. "Taffy" FE /01 09/14/96
Read why "Taffy" has her name. A Poignant tale from a fellow Small Pawser!

83. FE "Bloomie" 06/17/96

84. FE "Tulip" 02 03/28/96

85. Pulled from Auction

86."Florie" FE 03/23/96

87."Shasta" FE /01 10/02/95

88."Daisy" FE 06/28/95

89."Iris" FE 06/01/95

90. "Easter" FE 07 10/25/94

91."Spring" FE 12/19/93

92. "Mayberry" FE 12/19/03

93."Springsteen" MA 04/21/01

94. "Jellybean" MA 05/06/99

95." Vivaldi" MA 07/25/95

96." Dandy Lion" MA 03/12/95